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help for daddy and babe

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i need some help. my dd is 5 weeks old now, and can't stand for daddy to hold onto her for more than a minute or two.. she starts crying hysterically, and normally, she rarely cries at all. now, i know that this is perfectly normal for her to prefer me, after all, i am the food source and i have been carrying her around thru the pregnancy and all

but daddy is getting very frustrated and upset. he wants to be able to hold and snuggle her too. any suggestions to get her to be able to cuddle him for a while? we didn't have this issue with my son.. so this is new ground for us!

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Just a quick question. Does daddy wear a cologne, use aftershave, scented shave cream or scented deodorant? My dd was hyper sensitive to scents and we had to wear everything unscented for just about a year and then start slowly using ligt fragrances. Sh eis ok with everything now, but as a babe she was not. Maybe your baby does not like the daddy smell?

You could also try having daddy hold her while lying on the bedor floor on his side while you lie on yours and nurse. This way he will get to cuddle her and she will get nursies.

Just a thought....
This is totally normal! Totally! I know it's hard, but your dh really, truly should not take it personally. It just takes time. In a few months they'll be best buds, and she'll get all excited when she sees him.

What helped us - besides just time - was letting dh take baths with ds, having him snuggle ds on his chest and read Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book (not to the baby, obviously, but with baby listening to daddy's voice) and having dh play peekaboo and make silly faces while ds nursed in the safety of my arms.

Five weeks is really so young - it takes a while before baby is ready to interact with the rest of the world! Your dh will soon be the second-most important person in her life, he just has to give it time.
Do you sling? The only way dd would let daddy hold her for any amout of time was in the sling. Usually it went best right after she had finished eating and was all full and cozy. She'd go to sleep, but it's still snuggle time. Maybe give it a try.
There was another thread about this here just a few days ago:

You really should read it, there are some great answers there. But ITA with everyine else- this is totally normal.
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