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Retracting him has probably allowed a infection to start
Make 100% sure no one ever retracts him again. He may need a culture done to check and see what kind of bacteria is there. That is done by simply swabbing the very tip of the foreskin only NO RETRACTION. And see what grows so that the proper antibiotic can be prescribed. A broad spectrum antibiotic will NOT work it has to be case specific.

Your friend should contact Dave2GA and have him send a letter to the dr who told her to do this so that maybe she will learn and quit hurting little boys.

If the foreskin is back in the right position tell her to not touch it any more. No neosporine like some have mentioned it burns and can be very irritating on the genitals. If she can breastmilk works wounders. a VERY diluted solution of tea tree oil is also good.

If it is behind the head of the penis then steps must be taken ASAP to fix that or he will be in serious trouble. If it is I have a link on how to fix that without circ.
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