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Help! Freezer Stash Meltdown!

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So the idiot contractor who is currently destroying .. I mean renovating ... our house neglected to tell me that he turned the power to our deep freezer off 2 days ago.

I went to get some ice cream this evening and everything in the top half of the freezer was thawed out. The meat in the bottom was still frozen but I had to throw out over $100 worth of food.

My stash which I have been working so hard on for the past month partially thawed but didn't thaw all the way to liquid. It was just a little softened. We ran an extension cord into the freezer and it's frozen solid again.

Do I have to throw it out? I'll be devestated. I finally after a month of pumping an ounce of two extra a day and taking domperidone have the 32 oz we needed so that we can go away overnight for the first time in nearly 2 years. If I have to start from scratch I am going to cry. It's been a long year of bedrest and Mommyhood and I was so looking forward to celebrating our wedding anniversary at our favorite B&B. If the stash is toast then so is our trip.

Oh, did I mention that the contractors are my BIL and FIL?
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Anyone? If I can't save it then I'm wondering if I can feed it to him over the next 24 hours and pump and freeze my milk during that time.
someone posted about a article or a website that ebm thawed for only a few hours could be refrozen however I have never seen anything anywhere else supporting this. I am so sorry
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That's a tough call!

I would think it would be okay to feed it to him over the next day and pump your regular feedings- but i don't know that you'd get as much as you need.

If it's not too late, I think I'd just keep it frozen- it's not like it was actually heated. But that's just my opinion, you'll hvae to decide for yourself.
This is what I think, just using my common sense (which I realize may not match everyone's threshhold for common sense-thinking!!)...

I think that your stored milk is more than likely fine. Refreeze it or give to baby and pump instead. Whatever you decide will be better for baby than, say, formula, might be. If it had completely thawed, and/or sat around for a long time at room temp, that would be another story, but that's not the case with you.

Sounds like you could use a break, mama. Hope you get to go and enjoy yourself!

I would feed it to him ASAP, pump, and hope you only have to pump a little extra to rebuilt the stash. JMO.
Thanks Ladies,

Really, this was a blessing in disguise. We bottle fed him the thawed out stash and I pumped to make it back up. I realized though that 24 hours without actually nursing is not okay for either of us.

He was cranky by the end of the day and quite frankly, so was I. I am not ready to leave him for 24 hours, I just wouldn't enjoy myself. So, DH and I will go out for dinner and then spend our wedding anniversary the same way we spend every other night ... cuddled up in bed admiring our littlest miracle. That's why we got married after all.
I'm glad you were able to solve your problem somewhat. A similiar thing happened to me last week. I had about 30 oz. of frozen pumped milk in the freezer and one of us accidently left the freezer door open just slightly all day long and it melted. I had to dump all of it. So frustrating!
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