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Help getting 3Y 9MO DD to take her medicine

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I am hoping you might have some fresh advice on how to get medicine into our DD.

Fortunately she's very healthy but this week she got a nasty bacterial infection for which the doctor prescribed an antibiotic which she needs to take twice per day. And in the recent past she broke her collar bone and we were advised to give her Tylenol for pain. Every day there was a big scene with a little fruit chew tablet.
We're not happy go lucky with meds.
As you might assume our experience is pretty much limited to these two occasions. Typically we get by with ice, massage etc. In these two instances I support the doctors advice on the meds so this isn't the debate but how to convince her to drink a little cup, or a tsp. of this liquid. We've tried everything we can think of.
Even after I taste it or my husband tastes it and tell her what it's like she screams and cries, spills the cup or hits the spoon away. Last night my husband did finally get her to let him give her the spoon and afterward she gulped so much water and tried so hard to burp it up that she spit up.
Now she's almost 4. Granted she's also pretty sick -- feverish and not eating but the stress of this interaction is getting to us. We are also both simply exhausted from horrible colds that we've caught and the kids had last week. Q: We don't want to be brutish but is this one of those instances, like toothbrushing, that just have to get done on a regular basis or the consequences are potentially large?
The only other thing we can think of is bribery. So we're open to and asking for advice.
Color us sick and confused.
Thanks in advance!
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Hmmmm? The Tylenol I wouldn't bother with. iI its bothering her enough then I'd let her "It will feel better if you talk the medicine." Also I thinkyou can get those tablet in atleast 2 maybe 3 flavors (grape, orange, and cherry?) Maybe a different flavor would be better.
The antibiotics of course are non-negotiable. There is a thought - let her know that you won't force the Tylenol on her but that she must take the antibiotic.
Is the antibiotic kept refrigerated? Some don't have to be now days. I have always liked all liquid medicine ice cold. I pretty sure you could let a dose at a time set out until it reached room temp. if she doesn't like cold (call the pharmamcy to double check)
Also, some pharmacies can mix the antibiotic with different flavors. It might be worth it to call a few and see. You would bave to pay for it again & have the Dr. write a new script but if it helps it might be worth it. I would let dd choose the flavor if this ends up being an option.
"Just a spoon full of sugar. . . " I can remember my mom letting me do this once as a kid when I had to take some terribly gross meds. I definitley thought it was worth it. My dd 3 1/2 will try anything if she can have a marshmellow after (a mini one!). Yes, this is bribary but if she tries her veggie everynight I think one marshmellow is worth it.
This seems silly but have you tried talking to her about it at a non-medicine time. Does she understand why she needs it? can she explain why she doesn't like it? Explain some choices she has temperature, method (spoon, medicine cup, straw out of medicine cup, my dd like the syringe style measurer - pushes it in herself), flavor etc-
Maybe if she feels more in control that will help.

I'm out of ideas. HTH, good luck.
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Could you put it in a smoothie?
Umm...I hate to say it, but I give my dd 3 MINI m&ms and she gets to pick the colors. I don't know how you feel about candy, but it made taking medicine a pleasant experience around here, rather than torture (for all of us). Oh, and ALL the medicine got slurped up rather than spit out/spilled. Good luck! (Oh, I like the mini marshmallow idea, too! Or maybe jelly bellies?)
Thanks so much for your field tested input!

Marshmellows, Candy, Smoothies.... I'm on it. (You let me know if anyone shouts heresey too loudly because they probably just have not been in these shoes.)We tried a tiny ice cream smootie this morning and it went over OK. Whew. And I forgot entirely about the half stale bag of marshmellows in my cupboard but, hey, we'll try those too.

She seems to be turning the corner now that the meds are kicking in and took the meds easier now that she knows more what to expect. The treats sure do help.

Also, thanks for the advice on asking the pharmacy for different flavors. That's good to know. I would have figured that out in about 10 years. We have a cherry-ish flavor that isn't bad. The folks at our pharmacy seem nice. Next time I'll remember to ask before they fill the meds.

Have a great day -- peace and health back at you for all of your help!

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I'm glad its getting easier. Thanks for giving us an update. So happy she's feeling better too !!!
my dd likes the syringe style measurer - pushes it in herself
This one thing alone is a HUGE help for this age group in particular because they are practicing their newfound independence. Ask the pharmacy if they have one they could give you, but if they don't it is well worth purchasing one. And chasers are fine, but if you're going to mix it with a food ( whether it be juice or sherbet or whatever) only use a very small amount (like maybe a spoonful).
when dd had to take antibiotics, I had 3 little sake cups on a tray. The med is in one cup, chocolate soy milk in another, and water in the other. She can have the chocolate refilled over and over as she kept taking sips of the "pink stuff"
Doing it herself was the impetus and the chocolate milk was the bribe
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What has worked for us is giving one (or as many needed) spoon of maple syrup for every one of medicine - not as bribery but to get rid of the taste. Or mixing the two.
Maple syrup is pretty good, and intense in taste - and I feel a better option than the flavours or sweeteners that the pharmacist offers. When sick it´s better to stay away from anything artificial. Have you tried a fruit/fruit juice only diet while she is sick (of course while continuing the medicine)? It will speed up recovery time by enabling the body to use all possible energy to heal rather than digest. Fruit digests in about 20 minutes.
Good luck - and hope she feels better very soon!

WAHMamma to
(ds 28.09.1998)
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Thanks for your reply. Maple syrup she loves -- we could try that.

You know my doctor (who is European) recommended a fruit juice only diet. Which is weird after everyone/anyone here always says "stay away from juice" but I decided to go with the juice as my daughter didn't have much of an appetite for anything else and I really needed to keep her hydrated. It's been working, very nicely. As of yesterday the infection was gone and she's back to normal though we need to finish the meds out to 10 days.

And just 10 minutes ago my brother sent me a long e-mail about using juice when his girls are sick. (And chewing gum as a treat after they take their med.)

Gosh, thanks so much for the time you spent sending me e-mail. I really appreciate it!

Hi - I am really glad your daughter is feeling better...and that you feel that juice helped.
I didn´t elaborate too much on what type of juice, but the more natural the better. Try making smoothies in the blender (if you have one). They can become a whole meal - great even when not sick. We can´t live without. I just pick whatever fruit I have in the fridge, then add a little unsweetened juice (apple, orange, whatever) so that it´s not too thick - and blend. Also yummy are adding frozen berries mixed with bananas (and juice). Other good and nutritious ones: carrot-apple-orange; celery-apple-carrot; watermelon-apple; papaya-banana-apple; mango-apple; starwberries-kiwi-banana...the list is endless. You can add some wheatgerm to the mix to get some iron in. And you can also add almond paste (blanched almonds mixed with water) in to make it creamier and to add a healthy dose of calcium to the juice. Add granola and some seeds to a thick smoothie and eat it with a spoon - delicious!
If your daughter does get sick again - anything to do with chest and incl. mucous, make sure she stays away from dairy products. They are mucousforming and harder to digest. If she needs milk and you´re not BFing - try rice milk from the health food store....
Hey - maybe you know sorry if I am saying too much. Just my 2cents! let me know if you need more ideas!

WAHMamma to
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