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I've got a lot going on at the moment and occasionally suffer from bouts of anxiety and worry about how all this is going to work out! I'm pregnant and the baby is due at the end of July. This pregnancy was (extremely!) unplanned and could have really thrown a wrench in my plans--my NEED--to finish school this year.<br><br>
For a variety of reasons, it's really crucial that I finish school this year which necessitates my going full-time in the fall. I went back to school when dd was a babe, too--but not quite full-time, initially, and also she was four months whereas this baby will be only 4-6 weeks! That is SOOOO young!<br><br>
I'm really worried about:<br>
being able to get all my work done with the stress and long nights of taking care of a toddler AND a newborn.<br><br>
not spending enough time with a new little baby<br><br>
not being able to pump enough or otherwise compromising our breast feeding relationship!<br><br>
Any BTDTs or other reassurance? TIA!
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