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Help! How can I wear my baby in the shower?

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Hi mamas! I have a 3mo old and a 2yr old. We're in the middle of a bathroom remodel, so we only have a shower right now. I have *very* attached kids, so my older DS and I shower together. He and DH showered together for a while, but that did not work at all! My problem is that for the last week, my baby cries - really cries hard - the whole time I'm in the shower
I bring him in at the beginning, but then give him to DH so I can wash older DS and myself. I would love to just keep him in the shower with us. I know he would be content (as long as I could keep the water from splashing all over his face
) Has anyone had experience showering with a baby? What did you wear him in? I've only heard of a water sling and a water wrap. Please, share your experiences and opinions of baby carriers for the water and give me any new ideas if you can. I want to figure this out quick, so my little one doesn't have to get so upset every night. Thanks!
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Well, there's water slings, water wraps, and water pouches (solarveil pouches by Hotslings and others). I would get a sling, that way you can cover up baby's face with the tail to avoid splashing. The water wrap is a bit too much IMO. Hard to wash with all that fabric!
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I've never tried showering while wearing a baby, but hotslings makes a water sling. You could try something like that.
I have a Kangaroo Korner Water Mesh Solarveil Sling and I so wish I would have had something like this with my first baby. It's a ring sling and it was great because it kept the baby safe and secure (not slipperly) during the shower. Also great for the beach, pools, etc.

Good Luck~

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I have a Hotslings solarveil pouch that I really bought to use in the pool this summer, but have only used in the shower so far. So far I don't keep DS in there the whole time I shower, though. We use the same technique that you use -- I wash DS, then hand him over to DH to dry him & get him dressed while I finish showering and get out.

I like the hotslings pouch for showering, but I can't say I love it. Although, I have to admit, I don't know that I would love any shower carrier. On the one hand, it really gives me piece of mind to have the extra support for a wet and slippery baby. On the other hand, it's hard to find a position to keep him comfortable and his face out of the shower stream. He hates the cradle carry right now and so I sort of use a hip carry, but I worry about smashing his "family jewels" because, well, he's naked.

I thought about getting a solarveil ring sling, but that's just way too much fabric for in the water, IMO. I know there's a solarveil mei tai out there, but he hates my mei tai right now, so I don't know that that would be better. Actually, it might be better position-wise, now that I think of it. It's just that he really hates the mei tai. And I would put him on the front -- I would definitely never put a baby on my back in the water, be it shower, pool or wherever.
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I just bought a solarveil Ring Sling from and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Great shoulder! Great sling & GREAT price!!!

Excuse my crazy eyes, but here is a pic

DS LOVES it!!!! It is really handy, and it dries really fast too!( I did the single layer)

ETA: I prefer the RS to a Pouch fro the water because it gets ds much closer & more secure feeling to me
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