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I just put a load in my new washing machine. But, this one locks and you have to add all detergents, etc in the "drawer." So...I have a choice of compartments: detergent NO, bleach NO, fabric softener ???. I know the first 2 are added during washing. When does fabric softener get added; ie. during the rinse?

Yeah yeah, I'll find out but it's bedtime now and dh is super allergic to dustmites, etc so I want to make sure this bedding load is clean & soft.


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I always put vinegar in at the beginning of the wash cycle with the laundry soap...

So, when we got the front-loading HE machine, the one time I've used vinegar I've put it in the bleach compartment so that it will be added to the wash at the same time the soap is.

I guess it's just preference for when you want the vinegar added to your wash.
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