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HELP!! How to keep the cats from pooping in my garden?!?!?!

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we are new to gardening, it's our first garden. We live in Florida and have lots of neighborhood cats, and a few of them have taken to POOPING in my GARDEN!! I _KNOW_ I don't want cat feces in our vegetable garden, but how can I safely keep them out?

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My cat thought I had built him a new litter box when I made our garden last summer. To keep him out I made a barrier around the garden using 4 foot bamboo stakes and black plasic mesh (I think it is meant for keeping birds out). I tied the mesh to the stakes with string and made a place where we could easily open the fence to get into the garden. The cat never attempted to get in so this might work for your neighbourhood cats. Good luck with the gardening.
Growing up in Hawaii I always saw clear 2-liter bottles filled with water in people's yards. In theory, the reflection scared the cats and kept them out of your yard. Not sure if it works, but everybody and their aunt seemed to be doing it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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