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Help! I am going to Costa Rica what CD to bring??

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I am going to Costa Rica with the family for about 2 weeks in May and I don't know what I will bring for cloth diapers... we use fitteds and wool at home normally... I am thinking prefolds? or even flats (are their more absorbant ones??) and I don't know what for covers??? I want to pack as light as possible and right now I don't know how easy laundry access will be... but we plan to rent a house so there is always the sink!!

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Due to the heat and the humidity there, I'd do flats and wool or prefolds and wool. Fitteds would take forever to dry and PUL would make your baby's butt sweat like crazy. You need something like wool that would be breathable and some flats that clean easily and dry fast. Sounds like fun. I've always wanted to go to Costa Rice. I'm so jealous. Pack me in your suitcase please!!! I'll handwash diapers in the sink to earn my keep! I'm absolutely green with envy. Have a fabulous time!

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I just came home from Thailand 2 weeks ago. We were there for 4 weeks. I brought a bunch of organic flats and some wool shorts. I used the flats two at the time - one folded for booster - and one to nippa on. Absorbancy was a problem but they were much easier to wash in the sink than prefolds would have been. Poop was a problem too. I would bring the dipes to the beach and scrub them in the sand before using a detergent in the sink. But it was a bother

I dont know what I could have done for absorbancy.. possibly brought a foldable terry booster to use between nappy and wrap?

I didnt use soap to rinse out urine - I would just rise right away when they got wet and I didnt have problems with smell from pee. I occasionally rinsed them in the ocean thinking the salt would disinfect to some point??

I eventually ended up using more and more sposies as it was simply a bother to wash out poop. Also the flats needed changing all the time because they were not absorbant enough.

I still did enjoy my babys cloth-buttom as long as it lasted and recommend you bring maybe 10 flats, 2-3 wool soakers and a PUL soaker as backup.

Good luck, have a nice holiday and please report back to us how it works out with CDing in Costa Rica!
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thank you for your thoughts

yeah I am torn between the absorbancy of prefolds and the easy washingness of flats... BUT I should say we also ec and when we are home we often go with no diaper... we will be renting a house so we won't be on the road as much...
When I went to India I used flats, pins, and velcro covers. I had to use 2-3 flats in the diaper but it made it sooo much easier to wash and dry them. Especially when I was hand washing when we were traveling around. Pocket dipes were just coming out. If I had to do it all over again I would take about 3 dozen flats and some pocket diapers to stuff them in.

Prefolds will take forever to dry in a humid climate. Flats will dry even if you hang them indoors during a rain storm.
yes thinking flats and wool maybe?? good thoughts on dryin in humidity!! so who sells super yummy and absorbant? flats
I think I will porbably vstick to wool for covers cause it also means I can bring less clothes...

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Tiny Birds Organics have some wonderfully soft organic flats. They are very thin so you will need at least two at the time - but oh so soft.. I think if I was using flats at home I would be into these!
i'd definatly go flats! has some absolutly BEAUTIFUL colors available
and PLEASE tell us how it is! my dh wants to go to costa rica!
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