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Did it feel this way to anyone else? Like your baby was never coming out?

I was due on the 13th for a VBAC...and now feeling pressure to have my baby soon or they will want me to have another c-section.
I've been walking twice a day everyday.

Today I cleaned out my garage, swept, lifting heavy things (without hurting my back).....anything I can do to have my baby tonight.

Is there anything anybody can suggest to start contractions?
I've done essential oils, jogging, sex......
Any home remedies would be gratefully appreciated!

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I was on 5W the last 5 weeks and EPO about a week before she came, not sure if it helped or not. Hang in there! I was worried about going over too because of the pressure they put on you with the vbac - try not to stress too much, I think that in the long run can make it worse. Oh and I saw my chiro weekly, swear by that for keeping me relaxed!

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my baby was 16days past my due date...I wasn't a vbac though...I understand the pressure

when I finally went in labour she was in a funny position, chin wasn't tucked...took a long time to get from 9.5 to 10 cm

I think she was late because the head wasnt right down on the cervix...I had tons of productive labour over 2 weeks that led to a cm dilation and stopped...I was 3 cm dilated the week before I went in labour.

My midwife says it's a common problem as women recline and that's not a good position for babies to get down properly...

She said when she first started out she didn't see this because many women were more active and were on their hands and knees a lot, scrubbing floors, pulling weeds, gardening...

This soon as my due date approaches I am scrubbing my floors on hands and knees...getting that head down on my cervix anyway I can!

So maybe you should try that...

The sex is more fun though :LOL maybe you could try sex while on hands and knees :LOL though maybe not at the same time you scrub the floors

I will be watching for your update!
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