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HELP!!!! I have ants.

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I am at my wits end! We woke up with ants on us this morning in bed. I have probably flushed 400 of them down the toilet already today & it's only 11am. I have tried peppermint oil, tea tree oil, soap, vinegar... everything short of buying some awful pesticide.

We are a very clean family. Our home is always spotless, there is never a crumb on my floor, ask mamamoo, Leetah987, aslmere, or Monda. SO WHY DO I HAVE THESE ANTS!?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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Well, I can't venture a guess at why you have ants. But I do have a solution. It's worked well for me and some friends of mine. We mix borax and sugar (about equal amounts) and boil it up with just a little water. Put it in shallow containers (I like to use the lids of jars we're recycling) and set them at strategic spots (like where they're entering the house, if you can tell). It's OK if it dries. It usually works within a couple of hours for me, but I've never had so many as you're describing. My friend tells me that this works better for small ants than for large ones. We always have small one, so I don't know. That friend tells me that what works best for large ants is to mix the borax into meat fat (like bacon grease). I wouldn't really want that in my house, though, so I'd try the sugar mixture first, even for large ants.

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I've heard that if you can find their place of entry, to draw a line of chalk around it and they won't pass it.

I think it depends on what kind of ant too, are they small ones or larger ones? The larger ones can be carpenter ants and that might mean calling in the heavy duties (since they EAT your house!)
How long have they been bothering you? It might be they'll be around for a few weeks and then go away- ours do that annually (but we never get massive infestations like you're describing.) I second the borax suggestion, too; never needed it ourselves, but heard great things.
I remember an ant thread a few weeks ago. From my experience I had great luck lining their area of entry with spearmint gum. It stopped them.
They were coming in the cracks of my windows. I went and bought some Terro which is basically borax and sugar and just poured it into the cracks and wiped the rest off so it's only in the cracks.

I tried just stting it out but I have a crawler and it made me uncomfortable.

I have seen maybe 3 stragglers since.
Borax can be very dangerous if children or pets get a hold of it and eat it - "Boric acid is an acute eye and respiratory tract irritant, which is quite toxic if ingested. In addition, it is unavailable in parts of Europe because of concerns that it caused birth defects and problems with the reproductive organs of children. It is recommended that pregnant women and children in particular do not have exposure to Borax."

... This is what's worked for us -

Mix a 50/50 solution of distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it where you notice the ants tend to be the most - for some reason they hate it, and the smell fades after an hour or two but it keeps working until you wipe the area down.
i don't have a remedy, but can tell you that the ants aren't really a reflection of your housekeeping skills. Apparently they come inside looking for water and moisture.

we used to have a huge ant problem in southern california when we decreased the lawn sprinkler time. increased the lawn watering and they stayed out of the house. weird!
We had ants too. Really bad like you are talking about. I tried all the natural stuff. Didn't work at all. The bug guy came twice. That actually made it worse.

Dh had a friend give him this stuff called Miraculous Insecticide Chalk. I told him no way, who know what is in this stuff! We did a search online and it is illeagal, from China. It is very poisonous, if you eat it (well duh)

Anyways, our ants were coming in the window over the sink (big and little ones) After I went to bed, Dh made a circle around where they where coming in. If they crawl thru it, they died, and then no more come in. It was all that worked. I know it is bad, but I feel that a little circle here and there that is out of reach of my little ones is better than having ants in out bed, food, clothes,etc. I have a crawler as well and she loved the ants, so it was only a matter of time before she sat in the pile. You can find it at $ stores and swap meets.

Good luck! I know it was really stressful for me to have ants all over the place!

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