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"Help I keep waking up on my belly and I don't know what to do!"

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OMGoodness my little one (8 months) has just figured out how to roll onto her belly. The problem is that she now does it in the middle of the night (6 times last night!) and has now forgotten how to roll back onto her back (a trick she's been doing for months). She wakes up frustrated and calls out for me to help her. She's in a crib in my room cause co-sleeping isn't working anymore now that she's soooo wiggly. Other than continuing to roll her back onto her back what can I do to help her re-learn how to get where she wants to be? She isn't actually crying but just fussing a bit so I'm tempted to leave her be and let her sort it out herself- is this cruel to do?
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Maybe get one of those foam wedge things to keep her on her back until she's figured out rolling back again? You might be able to set them up so she can roll from side to side but not all the way over?
Good idea- she loves to sleep on her left side so maybe that would help her to stay there. I'm just afraid she'll wiggle herself so far into it that she would smother herself in it.
My son also could not remember how to get back onto his back. Even now at 9 1/2 months as he's started to crawl, he cannot, for the life of him figure out how to flop over. He will.

But he used to wake up on his belly and seem to say, "How did I get here?" I stopped worrying about him when I found him sleeping on his stomach. He's not going to smother himself any more at this age. For a while, I wedge some rolled up receiving blankets way down by his hips. The foam wedges sort of scared me. He sort of just stopped waking up crying to find himself on his stomach and adjusted to sleeping through the night on his stomach or side. Like I said, I worried at first, but he just sort of grew out of the panic and eased in to comforting.
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