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HELP! I need help with sleeping issues.....

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I am new here but I need help

Ok....Braedon has just been awful lately with sleeping (as if he couldnt get any worse, I know!). His norm is to wake up like 6-12 times to nurse during the night, this is fine, I can take this, sure Id love a few extra hours of sleep but this I dont find the problem! Lately, every 2 hours or so he wakes up half way and starts trying to sit up and hes still half asleep so he starts nodding off to sleep and hits his head on me, he basically rolls around while he sits, lays, etc, nodding his head off to the side and falling onto whatever is there! I seriously cant take this! I usually am up for hours on end at night because he already wakes up 6-12 times and now this! Like I said before, the waking up to nurse I can take but this has got to go! I dunno what the hell I can do to get rid of it though! I am SO stumped.

I thought to myself, maybe he is getting uncomfortable in bed with us and would prefer his own space which may be a possibility but at the same time, If I were even think of putting him in his crib, he would scream as if hed been hurt! So what do I do??? I need suggestions. I am so stumped! I have to nick this in the butt soon as I am going on vacation with my mom and Braedon on July 1rst and I will have NO help at night time and I dont expect my mother to get up every 2 hours with him and if he doesnt go back to his normal 6-12 times wake up pattern, Ill be screwed and a walking zombie! Ahhhhh!

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Does he go back to sleep? Is the problem just his moving around and hitting you, etc?
If it's the latter, maybe just a bigger bed would help.

I'm afraid I don't have much to offer you, other than getting some more room in the bed. There is no time, IMO, to train him out of this by July 1. You'll just have to hope that either more room does the trick, or this phase ends very fast. Even if you decided to transition him to a crib, it's going to take more than 2 weeks, and a vacation (strange locale, etc) is not going to help that at all.

Sorry to be so negative...I'm positive this phase will pass, or maybe he will just need his own space, but either way I doubt that can be acheived by July 1.
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Lindsay! This sounds alot like my 12 month old son! He moves around a lot and also, recently, started trying to crawl out of the bed when he is half asleep. I have a lot of king size bolster pillows in the bed to support my back when I nurse. When my son is asleep, i surround him with his Boppy and a few pillows. I sleep with my head away from him. If he seems to be in one of those "flopping" and "sitting" moods, I sort of cradle him with my arm while he is asleep - this seems to keep him from moving. We have the bed on the floor (box spring and frame removed) so if he falls out of bed, he's not hurt.

So, the main thing that seems to keep him "control" while asleep is to surround by a couple of bolster pillows. And, I make sure my head is elevated and away from him which seems to keep me from being "bonked".

I should add that I'm a really REALLY light sleeper and I am aware of my DS's movements so I've never had any problems with pillows in the bed. And, I don't put a comforter or blanket near my son - he is just put in warm p.j.s.

I hope this helps a bit.
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