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HELP..I need recipes free of wheat, dairy, soy

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Does anyone have some ideas of meals and snacks that are all of the above (wheat free, dairy free, soy free)? I have gone off of all these for my 8 mo old. I took out dairy and soy in the first 2 months but discovered last month that wheat was causing his eczema and ear infections. Since it's been out he's been clear of both but I'm dying!!!!!!! I've had PPD and it's aggravated or maybe caused by this diet. Some days I eat a bowl of oatmeal, hummus and carrots and guacamole. There are a lot of great things from the healthfood store (eg wheat free waffles, baking mix and noodles) but they're so expensive and i can't keep any kind of food budget.

I need some ideas of homemade but easy recipes to keep myself filled and family happy. I can't keep eating nothing, I've noticed bruising on my 8 mo old legs which happens to me when I don't eat enough veggies so obviously he's not getting enough vitamins from my milk. I'm the biggest advocate of EBF but I'm actually considering weaning to alumentum formula if I can't sort this out and make it work. The dairy and soy were tough but doable but taking out _wheat_ is killing me!

If you don't know any recipes do you know of a forum on the web that exchanges recipes and ideas? I went onto the allergy network but didn't find a forum.

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you tell it what you cant it and it finds recipes you can!
Try doing a web search for recipes on celiac and autism websites. Celiacs can't have gluten, so wheat will automatically be out, and it's easy to substitute rice milk or almond milk for any dairy or soy. Many kids with autism are on a gluten-free/casein-free diet, so wheat and dairy are already excluded, and soy can be substituted pretty easily.

Check out and
(If the second link doesn't work, do a websearch for the Autism Recovery Network and recipes. Also, Bette Hagman has a series of books called the Gluten Free Gourmet -- The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread is the only one I use now (it has breads, crackers, breakfast foods, etc -- most other stuff is pretty easy to figure out to eliminate gluten). Also, check out -- Living Without is a magazine you can get at any health food store and it addresses living without a variety of foods (originally a celiac publication, so no wheat is a given).

Best of luck -- it does get easier with time,

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I hear you momma. I am on a no egg, dairy and wheat diet for my 8 month old babe. I also avoid peanunts, treenuts, seafood and white fish. I can eat soy, which is lucky as I live in Japan. Have you tried the yahoo group POLFAC? Lots of great recipes and resources there.
My favorite snack is nobake cookies. Do you know the ones I mean, oatmeal, margarine, baking cocoa, milk, sugar and vanilla. It was pretty easy to adapt. The oatmeal is good for lactation.
I don`t know much about the formula, except that it is expensive.
I eat at lot of rice. Sometimes I just put spaghetti sauce on rice. Stir fries, salads, baked chicken, roasted veggies. We eat simply. I also make polenta or corn grits a lot. Corn chips are great with chili or stew or soup. I found once I made a list of meals it really helped me to focus on what I could eat rather than what I couldn`t.
Do you take a vitamin supplement? I found the B vits. to help with my supply.
Hang in there and keep us posted.
Kathryn and Maya 10/28/03
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Definitely check out our yahoo group POFAK. It really has helped me come up with ideas for my food allergic kids. Soy has been one of the hardest things to avoid since its in everything. There are alternative flours you can use instead of wheat (rice, potato, tapioca, sorghum etc). Ener-G foods makes a lot of things.

(we are allergic to: egg/soy/nut/peanut/strawberry/banana/shellfish.....and maybe apple and wheat.........still food trialing other foods...........asthma, eczema, seasonal and environmental allergies.........phew...thats a lot lol)
Thank you SOOO much for the references. I have checked out and look forward to checking out the rest of them. THANK YOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to beef up again on my prenatals and to eat some spinach salad. We've had company the past 2 days and he's even liked what we've had to fix.


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