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Help! I need recipes using up the veggies in my fridge!

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I got our organic produce delivery today, and I totally forgot to do any menu planning. My pregnancy brain seems to be stuck, and I really don't want these yummy veggies to to waste. So I need recipes to use up the following:

Swiss chard
Summer squash

I also have a lot of corn and green beans. I can always just boil/steam those and eat plain, but if you have any yummy recipes for those, please pass them along.

If any of your ideas are freezable (for after the baby arrives), that is even better. Thanks!
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There's a recipe in this month's Gourmet for a summer vegetable frittata that calls for both swiss chard and squash. Something like that would be light, and yummy. I would probably make a soup, though, if I were you--there's a big batch of minestrone in my fridge now with loads of veggies in--and that would freeze well.

swiss chard: chop it up and add it to soup of your choice. I prefer a tomato based something. lentil/veggie/whatever.

both s. chard and squash would likely freeze well -- chop it up and freeze it for use next winter.
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