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We just recently became the parents of an 8 week old Min Pin mix<br><br>
The mama got pregnant by a neighborhood dog, they couldn't keep all the puppies, and were going to send them to the pound to be put down...but we took one.<br><br>
I really have no clue how to raise a puppy!<br>
Please help ~ Do you vaccinate your dog? what kind of food for an 8 week old small breed? Links would be great, as well as firsthand experience.<br><br>
She is very sweet, very active, and NOT housetrained (expected)<br>
I currently am giving her Artemis food from the natural foods store<br>
we walk her for as long as she wants every day (until she sits by my feet and wants me to carry her home)<br>
She spends a lot of time crated or leashed to me because<br>
1. she has accidents<br>
2. my 2 yr old is scared of her hyperness<br><br>
What kind of chew toys are good for her puppy teeth?<br><br>
How do I start training her for commands?<br><br>
I know NOTHING ... please teach me.

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Congrats on the new little furry puppy! Here are the tricks I used when training my pups in the past (and I have a lab that can bark out answers to addition problems, lol! really!)<br><br>
1. Make sure the crate is only big enough for her to lie down in with no extra room (that's the only way it really works for crate training.) Feed her, water her, put her in her crate for like 15 minutes, then take her immediately outside on a leash to do her business. If she goes, let her stay out and romp and play awhile. If after 5 minutes or so she doesn't go, calmly put her in her crate, wait 5 minutes, and go out again. Do NOT play with her outside until she does her business.<br><br><br>
2. After she goes outside and gets rewarded with the play outside, bring her in, on the leash still. Keep her right by you, and at any sign she has to go (fidgeting, over-hyperness, whining) take her outside. Again, only allow her to play outside after completing her business.<br><br>
3. Make sure after she does her stuff outside that you DO NOT just immediately make her go back inside. That will make her try to hold on longer to stay out longer.<br><br>
4. After a few days of this, you can start giving her a little more freedom in the house. If you leave home, she should be in her crate for her safety, as well as for outdoor potty learning. At her young age, I wouldn't leave her more than 2 hours at a time, though.<br><br>
As far as teaching commands, the lure-reward method works well with pups this young. Hold a treat right about her nose and gently and slowly start moving the treat up and back to where in order to keep her eye on it, she'll have to sit. Say, "sit" while you do this, and give her the treat, no matter how little she moves in the right direction at first.<br><br>
To get her to come with called, always start training on a leash so you can gently make her come when called. Put a few treats in a noisy container, shake it and say come. Reward even if you have to gently pull her into you at first.<br><br>
Okay, those are a few tips that I hope will help. Good luck!
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