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DS started to run a low fever yesterday, and today developed a scattering of red spots on his back, stomach, and one or two on his arms. Some of them look as though they are beginning to develop a small blister in the center. I'm not yet certain it's chicken pox, but am beginning to suspect it is. (We are vaccinating, on a delayed schedule, and DS was supposed to get his chicken pox vaccine last spring. He had a cold at the time, so we didn't get the shot. We called later to reschedule, but our pedi suggested we didn't need to come back until August.)

I'm a little freaked out, but know I had it as a child, and suffered no long term ill effects. Can anyone give me (or direct me to) some information about chicken pox that will settle my mind a bit?

He isn't showing any signs of itching yet.

We're still nursing. Is there a chance that if this is chicken pox, he will benefit from the fact that we are nursing (less severe, etc.)?

Many thanks in advance from a slightly worried mama.
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