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Help! I think I'm getting the FLU!

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Ok I feel like crap! My body aches and I have this nagging cough. I have this funky feeling that this is the flu just by how I'm feeling right now. What can I do to knock it the heck out or at least make it so it doesn't kick the crap out of me. I'm breastfeeding and I'm not sure what I can and can not take.

Thank you for your help!!!
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It's probably allergies from everything blooming and all the pollen blowing in the wind. We've all been pretty miserable the last few days. I've taken a couple benadryl in desperation. It hasn't seemed to affect my nursling at all. If anything, he's a little less snotty.
Allergies can really drag you down.
I'm really hoping you're right! I just don't have the time to be sick
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I would go to the health food store and buy Sodium Ascorbate Powder (unless you have some) and take 4 TABLESPOONS today. Right now 2 and tonight another 2.
If they don't have any take the Ascorbate C powder.
Either one you can take in water or juice.

I would also take Echinacea maybe 4 tabs now 4 tonight. And I would suck on Zinc lozenges.

Also I would take Sambucol (Black Elderberry juice) 1 teaspoon every 3-4 hours.

And col liver oil at least twice the amount they recommend on the bottle.

I would continue to do that for the next week or two depending on how you feel.

Even if it is allergies or something else, it will not hurt you.

And if you do get the flu it will help your system to fight it off sooner.

BTW, cut out all sodas, sugar, diary, junk foods in general (unless you already do that).

Everything I recommended is alright for a bf mom.
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