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I am trying to figure out what's up with my son. He is 15 months.<br>
He woke up with a high otherwise symptom-less fever on Saturday morning. After trying every way imaginable to bring it down without drugs, I ended up giving him some generic Tylenol. The fever came down, then up again when the Tylenol wore off. I gave him another dose before bedtime and that seemed to break it for good. He hasn't had a fever since then. I did notice that he has new teeth coming in (4 total that I can see, including the canines).<br><br>
He HAS, however, been fussy. Especially when falling asleep. He will refuse the breast at times (which is UNUSUAL for him). He will start bawling uncontrollably when waking up after just having fallen asleep (this happened last night). Teething tablets DID help him go back to sleep and sleep fairly well.<br><br>
Then this morning I gave him a bath (it is super hot here) and when I went to dry his ears with a q-tip like always, he kept shaking his head no and refusing to let me do it. He has never before had a problem.<br><br>
Otherwise he seems pretty happy. We went for a hike yesterday and he played, laughed and ran around fine. Played this morning with but a few complaints here and there.<br><br>
Does this sound like an ear infection even though the fever broke? Could it be teeth? Should I take him in to get it checked out tomorrow?<br><br>
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