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HELP!! i'm going to ruin my wool covers if i don't get help!!

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my ds went through a pooping frenzy lately and blew out of half of his cpfs onto 3 of his wool covers - stacinator, merino wool and aristocrat. since i had to wash these covers i threw in a bizzy b hive and an organic double knit one (from - just for the heck of it. after soaking the poop was still there so i decided to use the washing machine. for the most part they came out clean (slight staining on the leg hole) i'm assuming i should lanolize them now. i read the instructions on the diapering resources but i still have questions.

1 - i bought the liquid lanolin at whole foods. do i just pour that over the cover? i'm assuming you heat the water to make the solid form dissolve so therefore i don't need to do this step.

2 - how much do you pour on? it would seem like i would need the whole bottle for one cover!

3 - in past posts i've read about lanolizing - using baby shampoo to help the lanolin spread evenly was mentioned. do i need to do this with the liquid kind?

4 - do i just lanolize the dirty part or the whole thing?

please help - i'd hate to think i may have ruined these covers!!!
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I've never used liquid lanolin so can't help there, but thus far I'm sure you haven't ruined your covers as long as machine washing didn't shrink them.
Your covers are not ruined.

With liquid lanolin, you're right, you do not need to heat it. Put lukewarm water in the sink or a big bowl, enough to cover all of your covers. Add enough liquid lanolin to turn the water milky white. Add your covers, (I usually do one at a time) and squeeze them in the water to get the lanolin worked in. Squeeze out the excess water and hang or lay flat to dry. A 4oz bottle of liquid lanolin will last about 4-6 months for me, and I have somewhere around 16-20 wool covers that I use.

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Tweren't nuthin' ma'am.

Meant to mention:
You do not need to use baby shampoo to re-lanolize w/liquid lanolin. I usually only wash my covers in Eucalan, and when they need lanolin, I add it to the water at the same time as the Eucalan.

You can lanolize specific parts of your cover too. I will sometimes add a bit more lanolin to the wet zone, using just my hand. It take about 15minutes to work it in, so I only do it on covers that really need it.
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