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Help!! I'm moody!

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This is hard for me because I was so serene during my first pregnancy. Almost nothing could phase me. I used to be a type A kind of person, but I have been working on becoming more flexible and relaxed for a few years now. With this pregnancy, my old self is returning and I am freaking out! I am angry, high strung and even crying (really unusual for me). I know hormones cause this, but I wonder if there is anything I can do to balance them. My pregnancies are also fairly close together, the babies will be 1 1/2 apart when I give birth, so maybe I haven't fully recovered from postpartum hormones. As far as environmentally, we are moving and I am not exercising as much as I did during the last pregnancy. Also, my husband is working longer hours, so I know that those factors play a role. I have been making exercise a major priority lately and hopefully that will help. Any advice?
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So sorry to hear you're not feeling good! I don't have any expert advice, but when I get moody I find it really helpful to try to take some time for myself and accept it for what it is--I'm already feeling crappy, and don't need to be beating myself up on top of it for feeling that way! I know that can be really hard to get some time for yourself with a babe and your husband working long hours--can you hire a babysitter to help you out for an hour or two? Exercise also helps me too--it is a big help to flush out all the extra hormones. But above all, be kind to yourself! If it doesn't get better and you feel really bad, it might be helpful to talk to a counsellor? I'm only on my first, but this pregnancy thing is a crazy time!
Thanks, it was a lot easier to control my stress last time when I didn't have a little one to take care of. I think exercise is my main culprit. I am going to make it my priority to get outside and go for a hike or walk every day.
I've been super moody and angry lately. I'm constantly snapping at people. I'm hating this about myself, I've been doing so well at being nice this past year! I think you're really on to something with the exercise... I haven't exercised at all this pg
My low back has been in so much pain I can harly walk most days (even though I see a chiro twice a week), and the more I walk the more aggrivated it gets. I do notice that the more raw veggies I eat the better I feel, and that's really hard because the only thing I want when I feel like this is chocolate.
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I know being pregnant and caring for a little one can be a huge overwhelming challenge
I agree that exercise will probably make you feel somewhat better, as will making sure you are eating really, really well (since your body may not have had the chance to fully restock its nutrient stores from your last pregnancy, especially if you are still nursing). Do you have mama friends who you can talk to? Sometimes it really helps to talk to someone who understands what you are going through. Hope things get better soon!
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Omega 3s could have some mood evening properties/abilities (mostly in people who have manic depression issues), accoding to research I've done. Since I've started taking mine I've felt more calm in general. Could be placebo, but I'll take it where I can get it!
If you aren't taking them and start, make sure you take a kind that is molecularly cleansed (to remove mercury)... it'll say something to that effect on the bottle.

Hope you feelt better soon!
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I second the Omega-3s. My mw gave me Pharmax Fish Oil. When I take it consistently it does make a big difference, problem is I've been forgetting it so often lately. I have manic depression issues as well. Its good for so many things. I've even had acne for the past 6 years that won't respond to anything and the fish oil cleared it up!
Omega 3's, B vitamins and minerals-specifically magnesium will have a real calming effect. Lack of magnesium manifests in a chocolate craving BTW! I know if I forget my mineral supplement, my B vitamins or my CLO I get super moody! Also NO sugar. That's a major trigger. I also use bach flowers for stress, anger and irritability.
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