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Help! I'm scared to take baby out in the sun!

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Hi there...
We've had beautiful weather here lately and I would love to take DD (9 wks) out...but she is so fair-skinned and everything I've read says no sunscreen under 6 months? We do use our Solarveil sling everyday, but her little arms are always out of the sling. I have a sun bonnet that I hate and a bucket hat that is too hot. Is my only option to put a lightweight longsleeved onesie on her with a hat in the sling? Anyone have a better hat suggestion?

We also have a jogging stroller that I would like to use, but I didn't want to keep a blanket over it the whole time to block the sun!

We will be at the lake over the 4th as well, so I want to figure this out soon!
How do you all do it? I would LOVE specifics!
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My ds is 3 mo. and I've struggled with the same concerns as you. To make matters worse, i've had to convince dh that our little one shouldn't be out in the sun. He just always says, "Oh, he'll be fine." He doesn't seem to understand that babes have sensitive skin that's easily burned . . . anyway, I've pretty much done what you mentioned, which is using the solarveil sling, a hat that's way too big, long sleeves, solarveil sling over the stroller/car seat. We even bought a little puptent of sorts that's made for babies who'll be outdoors. (pm me if you're interested in knowing exactly what we got). We live pretty near the beach, and it's pretty hot here generally, so I've just resigned myself to using a bit of sunscreen. I use one that's PABA and fragrance free and just lightly coat it on exposed parts (except the hand that he always sticks in his mouth). then I wash it off as soon as we get home. that's the best I've come up with. I'll be anxious to hear what others have done . . .
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My baby was born with a natural tan (he kind of looks like Kelly Ripa's husband), but I was concerned about the sun too when he was very little. We live in South Florida, so there was no way of getting around it: ds was going to get sun. And he did.

15 minutes of sun a day is actually beneficial to everybody, including babies. Any more than that and higher levels of protection are needed: wide brimmed hat, protective breathable clothing (preferably long-sleeved) and staying in the shade.

That's the best I can give you. Maybe it brings things into perspective when I tell you that I came from Aruba, an island near the Equator where they have 350 days of pure, unadulterated sunshine a year (where we also have fair-skinned babies) and people there are very relaxed about it. They do the things I recommended above, but don't go overboard.

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I use sunscreen on my DS- but he's 8 months. I burn within 5 minutes of sun, so I'm super careful (hat, solarveil, sunscreen). I use Erbaviva on him - it supposedly is "all natural" and PABA free as well as preservative free. I keep it off his hands and wash him off when we get home. It's not cheap - $28 for 4 oz but I found it on for half price, free shipping and a portion went to
I used sunscreen on my DD when she was 5 months old (I cleared it with the ped first) and it was a huge mistake.

My ped never mentioned that I shouldn't use a screen of less than 30. Higher than 30 and it clogs their little pores terribly... which of course, her 50 did and she had the worst case of acne for WEEKS afterwards.

When I use 15 on her, and reapply often, she doesn't break out. But she's much much older than your babe.

I say go with what the others suggested, just keep him shaded and have a great time!!
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