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Help!! I'm Thinking Of Using Olive Oil...

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on my newborn's bum to help with the meconium cleanup.

1) Does it really work?

2) Do people apply it in the process of wiping the bum, or do they put it on the bum as a *preventive* measure?

3) Could I put a liner of fleece (I bought a yard of microfleece that I cut into little liners) in the Kissaluvs to protect the dipe from staining (from the olive oil)?

4) Would the fleece affect how the Kissaluvs fitted works?

Thank you for ANY information you can provide, mamas!
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I bathe my kid in olive oil... we're olive oil freaks.
It absolutely works, I use it whenever J has a little bum irritation. With meconium you would be using it as a preventative, it will help you to wipe the meconium off. You could use a fleece liner but I really have not noiced any staining. We are talking about a fraction of a teaspoon of olive oil that is put on the skin, you aren't pouring it into the diaper. As long as you wash in hot water it should rinse out.
You can also use it as a preventative! I tell my (midwifery) clients to apply some with a cotton ball before you put the diaper on. It makes the mec slide right off.

I never had issues with mec. We use cloth wipes and I put a dash of oil in the wipes solution, it was pretty easy to get the mec off and it didn't stain my dipes either.

You can never go wrong with olive oil though.
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Any kind if barrier (in this case OO) will help getting that sticky mec off. I remember being told to lube up my boys' butts so they were like teflon and I'd have an easy time getting that green poo off. Sounded very weird to a 1st timer who was 8m PG, but it was one of the better suggestions I have ever heard. Fleece is a good way to protect your dipes. I still use it when either of the younger man cubs have a rash. And acually use a fleece liner (that I made from on of DH's old pullovers) at night time to keep the littlest man cub drier (he's a super soaker) during the night.

what a great idea!

The olive oil as well as adding a fleece liner at night time!

If the oil were to stain any cloth it comes in contact with use some Gojo hand cleaner (the kind mechanics use on their hands after a day of wrenching on cars) on the spot when the fabric is otherwise dry. I keep a bit of the stuff in my laundry room for all such occasions.

Originally Posted by splash
I bathe my kid in olive oil... we're olive oil freaks.
LoL . . . me too. I used it as a preventative measure and also to wipe--no such thing as overuse of olive oil in my book. LoL. Anyway, worked like a charm! IME, olive oil washes out very easily with detergent and water and fleece liners didn't affect how my prefolds worked (I used them to keep ds's skin dry) so I imagine they wouldn't keep Kissiluvs from working.
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