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Help - I'm worried about DD's teeth

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DD is 22 months old and I just noticed that her two top front teeth are looking a bit yellow. We brush her teeth every night with water and I'm trying to be better about brushing them every morning.

I'm going to make her first appointment with the dentist and I'm scared they'll tell me it's from nursing at night.

Any thoughts? Could the yellow tinge mean cavities?
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Dd's teeth were looking like that too. They were like that for quite some time and then we took her into the dentist and she had two tiny cavities there. I don't think that layer of yellow necessarily means cavities, but the two front teeth do seem more prone to them. In our case, dd didn't even need anethesia to get the two front teeth filled. If it turns out your dd does have cavities, it may be as easy for her as well. They just sort of covered them with resin or whatever they use. They looked a whole lot better! It didn't take long for the yellow layer to show up again. Within a few days it was back. It's fairly difficult to brush that away. G/L and sorry I couldn't be of more help.
I think the idea that night nursing causes cavities has been fairly well disputed. If a dentist bugged me about it I would find a different dentist. Each dentist seems to have their own ideas on why cavities are caused... so hopefully you can find a dentist who is more in line with your way of thinking and lifestyle. I asked around in the tribal areas to get recommendations - and I am so glad I did. The dentist I am seeing has never even mentioned nursing to me.

The cavities on my ds (just turned two) are really obvious little brown circles. So, hopefully your dd just has some discoloration or something.
The yellow color sounds more like plaque to me. Can you scrape it off with your fingernail? My ds gets a lot of plaque on his bottom front teeth despite brushing and the myriad of things we do to keep his teeth healthy & clean.
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