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HELP! is this die off? healing? or is he sick?

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i've been doing probiotics, clo, and limited carbs trying to fix a possible leaky gut. 7mo ebf ds is allergic to milk and cheese but seemed to be tolerating yogurt and kefir fine -no rash, butt rash, or congestion.

yesterday he threw up twice, took a nap, then threw up 6+ times in 2 hours -mostly small amounts <1/2 cup. after that he seemed fine, was able to keep milk down. at 3 am he woke up with really stinky explosive poo. 10am this morning he had some more.

he's not quite his usual super active self, but pretty close. no fever, good mood, wants to play. which nmakes me think heisn't sick, but maybe experiencing die off, clearing out his system -he has certainly pooped more in the last day or two then he usually does in a week.

or is this ahorrible but delayed allergic reaction to the kefir? do i stop taking kefir or continue?

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Are you making the kefir or using store bought? I don't think it would be a delayed reaction to the kefir, unless it's store bought and perhaps what you have recently been drinking has some lactose left in it.

I hope it clears up really soon whatever it is!
it is store bought, but i've been drinking the same brand for almost 3 weeks. if he's like my husband, it's an allergy to milk, not lactose intolerance.
What I meant was maybe the bottle you are currently drinking is from a batch that wasn't correctly processed.
: I guess if you think it's a milk allergy, then it certainly wouldn't be die off or healing then.
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he shows allergic reactions -rash, congestion- when i eat milk and cheese, but none so far to yogurt or kefir. i've been suffering from a sour stomach the past few days as well.

well, other than two tiny normal baby spit ups he's been fine all day -till just now when he woke up from his nap and spewed everywhere.
How are things going now? If you have been having stomach issues as well, perhaps it's a stomach virus that will pass, or maybe already has.
Well, since then he's been fine. A few spit ups here and there, but nothing bad. One good thing- ever since this episode his poop is now yellow like a bf baby's should be instead of the greenish yellow its been for months (which got better after i eliminated milk, but not entirely). i on the other hand am still having stomach issues. i notice it seems to happen with meals that contain no raw foods. maybe i'll have to get some enzyme capsules to help while my gut is healing.
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