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HELP! Itchy rash!

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Last night I did some yard work. Nothing unusual about that. Same plants as always.

Before bed I had one spot I thought might be a bug bite that was rather itchy.

This morning, I itch all over! The bumps vary from bug bite type bumps to blistery looking bumps. I am miserable!!

It seems to be spreading. If I scratch, it spreads. Touch somewhere else, it's there. But it is NOT getting on the twins. Just me.

It's not poison oak or ivy. I live in the burbs.

Any ideas on WTH is going on with me? What to do to fix it? I can't take benedryl. It knocks me out cold and I've got to watch the twins. No calamine lotion. Can't go to the store - twins are sick.

So wise mamas, what's in your bag of tricks for the itchy b*tchy's?


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Poison Ivy runs rampant in the burbs too so unless you are in a subdivision with little plant life, I would imagine PI is possible. It does sound like a PI rash. Go to the pharmacy and ask for Tecnu.
If you are positive it isn't PI than maybe post pics?

ETA - I missed the part about being unable to get to the store. Baking soda paste might help.
It does sound like poison ivy. Yuck!! The last time I had a case, the clear Caladryl lotion worked pretty well.

Until you can get to the store, you might try a baking soda bath. Then apply some baking soda paste to leave on.

The last time I had a poison ivy rash, I was 9 months pregnant with dd. Our outside cat must have rolled in some before he rubbed up against my inner calf. It itched *so* bad, and I could barely reach the spot.

Hope it gets better soon! Try some socks on your hands so you can't scratch the bumps.
I looked up pictures of poison ivy, oak, sumac rashes and none of it looks like what I've got going on.

It almost reminds me of chicken pox. But I've had that.

I have a new body wash I am using, have used it all week, so I don't know if that could be it???

I'd post a pic, but I can't find my darn camera. It seems to sprout legs and run off all the time.

I may call my DIL and ask her to run and grab some stuff for me and leave it on the porch so I don't get the grandbabies sick from whatever we have going on here.

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Can I post my hot, hot water cure again?

Just put the affected parts under hot, hot, as hot as you can stand it water for 30 seconds and then let it air dry.

It dries just about every rash out faster than any medicine.

Don't use on eczema. It does NOT work for that.

But it works great on poison ivy. HTH

Let me know whether you've tried it and what you results you've found.
It does sound like poion viy/oak/sumac or something. The thing to keep in mind is that its the oil in the plant that causes the rash. Wherever the highest concentration of the oil is on your body, is where the rash will show up first and strognest. So, lets say your hand touched the plant. Your hand gets the worst rash. Then your hand touches your face, so you get some oil on your face... but its not as concentrated, so the rash doesnt show up quite as quickly or as strongly... then your hand touches your leg... so that shows up after your hands and you face... Once you WASH THE OIL OFF, it stops spreading. You cannot spread it after the oil is gone, because it is the OIL that causes the rash, not anything inside the blisters. That is just your body's own fluids reacting to the poison. The longer the reah is in contact with your skin, the worse the rash will be.... in terms of bubbling up.

On a side note: Once, when camping, I must have touched some poison ivy with my hand in the morning. I was working outside with a geologist and we didnt go back to camp to wash up until dinner time. I must have touched every surface of my body (including going to the bathroom and wiping in the woods). I was COVERED. I ended up getting some shots of steriods to calm it down because it was sooooooo bad.

And, I'll second the hot hot hot water.... it does help for a little bit.
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Originally Posted by momtosimon View Post

And, I'll second the hot hot hot water.... it does help for a little bit.
Yes, you have to do it EVERY time it starts to itch again. Maybe 20-30 times a day. But on the second day you will already see it dry up and by 3 or so days it will be completely dried over.

It does take perseverance.
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I have hives. Some kind of an allergic reaction to something I came in contact with in the yard.

Taking an antihistamine, using benedryl cream and solarcaine spray.

This sucks, but not nearly as bad as the time I had a reaction to an antibiotic.

The hot water does help!

Thanks for the help mamas!

Oh, so sorry you are going through that. If antihistamines are helping, don't bother with hot water. It may have the opposite effect to the medicine.

Both work, but in the opposite way.

Hope you heal quickly and most importantly, figure out what caused it.
I did the hot water until my 16 yo dd got home from her CNA clinicals. The I took the benedryl- fell asleep and she watched the twins.

I just can't take it if there is nobody here to help supervise the babes.

Still itchy this morning. But not as bad.

I told dh I'm out on the yardwork until all the winter dead stuff is cleaned up. I'm not taking anymore chances. hehehe

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