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Help keep FAMILIES UNITED~ Today you CAN make a difference.

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I'm sure you have all heard that the Immigrant Reform Bill is on the floor for debate today.

Many of you think Immigrant Reform wont effect you.
You're Wrong!

Immigrants are a huge part of this county, and forcing them to leave is going to have a serious backlash on all US Citizens.

I am talking about the overwhelming number of people, such as myself, that will be forced to apply for government assistance/welfare, because their spouse has been deported from this country.

Hi, I'm Jodi... Many of you know me, but not all know my story.

I am an American Citizen, my parents, their parents, and so on are from the United States... I can proudly trace my heritage back to my Native American Ancestors.

My husband of 5 years, is Mexican. He has been here illegally for over 10 years.

He currently supports our family of 7, which consists of myself, 5 children, and my husband.
Out of those 5 children, only 2 are his. The other 3 are from a previous marriage.

ALL 5 kids are American Born Citizens.

If my husband is deported, I will be FORCED to apply for government assistance, because I can not afford to work AND pay childcare for my children.

Sadly, this is the case for millions of other families, where either 1 parent, or the children are US Citizens, and the other parent is illegal.

Besides the hardship that will befall all of the families whose spouse would be deported:
Consider, as a parent, the difficulty in giving up your children. If you were the person who was deported; would you not take any risk to be reunited with them. The immigrants run the risk of being shot every time they cross the border. If it meant that you may never see your children again, ask yourself if you would take that risk?

Are you willing to have your taxes increased to cover the overwhelming cost that will be created when all of these families are forced to seek financial and medical assistance, because one or both of the parents have been deported?

Who is going to pay for all the foster care that will be needed for children who are left here because the parents are illegal, and they know the child(ren) WILL have a better life here?

Most immigrants come here to work, they pay taxes which includes Federal, State, Social Security and Medicare. Although they cannot claim any tax benefit such as Social Security or Medicare, even though they pay into it.

The politicians are only telling you what they think will get them re-elected, and add to the exaggerated claims of all the so-called harm the undocumented workers are creating. More jobs are lost to the "favored" nation status given China, than all of the illegal immigrants in this country. If you don't believe me, look at the country of original on every product you buy in the next two days.

Look beyond what the politicians are saying; and think for yourself. How many people do you know that has actually lost their job to an illegal immigrant?

Ask your state and federal representatives for a fair immigration policy that allows for immigrants to apply for legal status. Set policies and restrictions that are fair and reasonable.
Currently if an illegal applies for legal status, even if they have been in this country for 10 years; they must leave the USA (and their families) for a minimum of 1 year before they can apply. This does not mean they will be granted a visa... it just means until they can submit an application.
They may never be given a visa, and then can be legally barred from re-entry to the United States.

Please make a stand to help families like mine, along with millions of others, by calling your senators.

Tell them you SUPPORT reform that will provide legalization, protecting the rights of Workers, and most importantly, keeping families united.

Below you will find the Senator information by state, including phone numbers.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
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I'm so glad you started this thread, JodiM. Unfortunately, few people learn about our country's immigration laws until they are affected directly by them. I know this was the case for me...

I was touched and saddened to read about your situation. I, too, am married to a Mexican who entered the U.S. illegally many years ago. In our case, we attempted to apply for a green card from outside the country and were rejected based solely on DH's history of illegal entries. It makes me sick to know that my own government refuses to let me live with my husband in the U.S. We are both very responsible, civil, law-abiding people. Nevertheless, the U.S. government would say that my DS (4/05) can either grow up in Mexico or grow up without a father. what kind of choice is that for an American?

I wish more people realized how much our immigration laws already tear families apart. It happens every day. The legislation that recently passed in the House would only increase the heartache felt by immigrants and Americans exponentially.

I am hopeful (well, tentatively hopeful) that the Senate will do a better job.
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I'm married to an illegal Argentinian/Peruvian immigrant.

He's hard-working, law-abiding, and tax-paying. And flat-out one of the nicest people you'll ever meet (despite our marital differences).

But according to current law and social doctrine, he's an evil demonic sub-human creature out to destroy America and terrorize it's citizens (most of whom are descendants of 'illegitimate' immigrants themselves!).

We're having a son any minute, and every day I worry some arrogant white supremacist rich jerk will pass a law that will endanger our family even further. It's a constant, nagging fear, relentless...and I, too, would require public assistance were he to be deported. In fact, owing to other issues, I might even be forced to give my child up for adoption.

Now that's terror. Not that any of the Minute Men or their ilk would give a sh*t about the consequences of their bigoted, ignorant actions. All they see are non-english speaking brown creatures they don't even consider to be human beings because they are brown and non-english speaking, and an excuse to vent their racist anger on the virtually defenseless.

These people disgust and horrify me, as does anyone who supports them or laws they endorse, as they are blatant abuses of human rights.
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ihathi ~ that was why we couldn't bring ourselves to go to Mexico.
I was worried they wouldn't let dh back in the US, and because my oldest kids have a different father (who is a jerk, and no way would have let them move out of the country even though he never sees them) we could not have stayed in Mexico with dh.


Originally Posted by cjuniverse
We're having a son any minute, and every day I worry some arrogant white supremacist rich jerk will pass a law that will endanger our family even further. It's a constant, nagging fear, relentless...
I know just how you feel.

Hopefully they will pass some form of comprehensive immigration reform, they are supposed to be voting this week.

don't forget to call your senators!
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JodiM and cjuniverse, although it is somehow comforting to know there are other women in my situation, it makes me so sad to know your stories. I can't imagine what it would be like to have five kids or to be pregnant right now! And then I start to think of all the other untold stories out there of families waiting in the shadows and I truly feel overwhelmed...

In any event, you are in my thoughts as I anxiously watch the news for more developments on the Senate's "compromise." (Usually, I totally avoid the news, but this last month I have become a complete news junkie...)
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