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help kitten with eye goop & a few other questions...

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ok so we resuced a kitten today from a trip to the pound and she had to have a bath as she smelled she is clean but she had goopy eyes and it is getting worse... what can i do for this...

also how do you keep the fleas and ticks away...

do cats need heart worm meds...

We have a dog so i have no clue about cats....

We live on a military base so they HAVE to have the rabies shot.. and we living Louisiana so we have lots of fleas and misquito's
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I'm surprised that the shelter didn't bathe her and clean her eyes, get rid of fleas, etc. Do you know how old she is? If she is real little, you will probably only want to use baby shampoo on her. If she is older, you can use flea shampoo. As with dogs, you need to treat the pet and your home. A trip to the vet could take care of her rabies vac (if old enough) and you could get some drops for her eyes. Although I would not rush to treat her eyes unless the discharge is green, it may just run it's course. And heartworm... hmmm that's a good question.
It seems to me that cats should be on heartworm prevention but I'm not positive.
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well we didnt get her from the pound we saved her from going to the pound... she is about weeks old... and i would say the eye goop is dark yellow almost green if that makes sense...I did bathe her in some aubreys organic baby wash.........
Sorry.... I didn't read your initial post correctly. You could try washing her eyes out with some natural tears but if she is really little, she may not have learned to clean herself properly and that will come as she gets older. Poos little baby. Is she eating ok? What did you name her?
Oh she is a cutie and we named her maggie... she is eating Iams kitten food and seems to like it....when do they learn to clean them self..
Our cat (rescued stray) had infected goopy eyes and required antibiotic ointment. He also had an upper respiratory infection.

If she is/will be an outdoor cat, you may want to consider something like Frontline or Revolution (I think they won't do Frontline until the cat is a year old) - there are natural alternatives for fleas I think, but IMO ticks require a stronger approach.

Also, have you had her checked for worms? Many kittens get them from their mamas at birth; and/or from being a stray for any amount of time. We had no idea our kitten was infested until DD fed him too many treats and he vomited nasty roundworms all over the place. :puke

My cat never had heartworm meds - he sees the vet regularly and I don't remember her ever suggesting them. He has a heart murmur though, and takes meds for that.

Also, is she spayed?
You really need to take her to the vet as soon as you can. She needs a stool sample checked for worms, and the vet will give her a thorough physical exam. Stray kittens can have a lot of health problems. Heartworm preventative is a prescription medication also. Most upper respiratory infections/ eye infections in cats are viral and they will run their course. Just keep the eyes and nose clear with a warm damp paper towel. I'd advocate for the disposability of the paper towel here because you don't want those germs spreading around your house. There is one kind of pinkeye bacteria that can spread from cats to people, but who knows if that is the kind she has.

Check out the sticky at the top of our forum for more information about selecting a good kitten/cat food. Most of us here believe that the closer an animal's life replicates its biological wild design, the healthier it will be. I feel that good raw meat with raw bones is very good for health. Try giving Maggie some raw chicken wing tips. Also being that she is so young, she may need help getting her beneficial gut flora established. Feed her some acidophilus, or yogurt. You can also buy feeder mice (already dead) from pet stores. Mice would be the most biologically correct diet for a cat. My cats get both a kibble (Innova EVO) and raw.
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