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Shane speaks true!

The shields are every bit as bad as you've read, and they can contribute to nipple confusion, as well. I've used them for a short while, myself, with my first ds.

There's no reason to not be able to nurse because your nipples are too short! That's the first time I've heard that one. Women whose nipples are inverted (turn in) can have problems getting a baby latched in the early days, or flat nipples, that do not protrude at all. As long as your nipples protrude, there's no reason other than preference (nipple confusion) for her not to latch on fine.

I would toss the shield and offer the breast very often, ideally every hour during the day, to get her when she's not very hungry, and willing to work at latching on. I would also not let her go longer than 2 hours during the day without nursing.
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