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The shortest time to expect that the baby will establish a nursing pattern is 6 weeks. Many babies never set a pattern or just when it seems the pattern is predictable it changes. Thats the way babies are.

Pumping 2-4 ounces is a lot in the early weeks. If you feel you must supplement, you can feed your baby by spoon, cup, dropper, or syringe. The NICU may have shown you spoon feeding. If not, go to and type in 'cup feeding breastfeeding' and you will find instructions.

You can pump just before nursing to draw your nipples out. Nursing when the baby would go longer between feedings is better for your supply and your baby. Allow your baby to end the feeding even if it is 2 hours. It may seem like all you are doing is nursing, that's OK. Now is the time for you to recover from childbirth and for you and your baby to get breastfeeding established. It may be hard during the holidays to change your lifestyle so much, but its worth it!
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