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My DS turned 3 on 2/17 and it feels like someone snuck into our house at 12:25am on February 17th, the moment he turned 3, and flipped on the "terror toddler" switch.

I really can't go into all of the issues specifically but the biggest issues are not listening and "the mouth." He really is a good kid, I adore him, but I don't like the parent I am becoming in trying to deal with the problems we're having. I guess maybe I just need to hear that all toddlers go through this and I just need to take it a little more in stride.

He's doing really well with his milestones, he's been out of diapers at night for months, his speech is great, he's learning and using Spanish for certain things (we travel to Spain frequently) but the behavioral stuff is out of control.

Book suggestions, discipline suggestions and hugs welcome
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