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Help! Maya Wrap is giving me plugged ducts

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I love my Maya Wrap and use it ALL the time. I have a 5 week old and a 2 year old. I used it constantly with DS #1 and now that I have a newborn and an active toddler, it's essential for me to be able to wear my baby. It seems like lately though that if I wear the MW for any length of time, I start to get plugged ducts. I had a nasty one this weekend that I was sure was heading towards mastitis. It never did though. I know how to use a sling, I used it constantly with DS#1 and didn't have this problem. Do I need a different type of sling? Is there a trick to not getting them? Please help!
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Are you sure it's the sling and not something else, like your bra maybe?
Definitely the sling. I haven't found a bra that I really like this time around, so I've been mostly not wearing one. I'm fine when I just wear the sling for a while but when I wear it for most of the day I notice some issues.
What carry are you doing most frequently? Front, back....?
Front. Always. I think part of the problem is DS falls asleep in there and his little head kind of flops to the side so he's using my right breast as a pillow. It just seems like things always shift and loosen up the longer he's in it. But, last night it was my left breast that hurt and his head wasn't anywhere near it.
Are the rings resting on your breast? Make sure to keep the rings above your breasts and fabric spread out. When worn properly you should have issues with too much compression on your breasts. If you cant get the rings to work with you then I'd try a pouch or different ring sling.
I don't have any suggestions, but I understand exactly what the problem is!

I sold my Maya because no matter what I did, or how tight it was, the rings ALWAYS ended up sliding down and digging into my breasts causing great discomfort.
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