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Help me be a babywearer!

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I have had a couple baby carriers (a KKAFP and a Maya wrap ring sling) since DS was born, and when he was really little, we used them quite a bit.
But now that he's older, I want to wear him, but am having trouble getting myself to do it.

I tend to rely on the shopping cart at the store, or we end up taking a stroller (like at the airport, or an art fair).

No one around here wears their baby, so I can't see how all the details work out.
What I mean is:
Do you put them in the baby carrier when you take them out of the carseat? That's not very practical here because it's so cold in the winter and it takes me too long to get it on and get him in it, etc.

What do you do with your stuff when you go shopping if you don't have a stroller with a cargo holder to put it in?

Do you go for long walks with your baby in it and not get sore/tired?
(I was never able to carry DS very far even when he was little because I would always get sore from the Maya)

How can I become a more dedicated baby wearer??
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One nice thing about baby carriers is that there are so many to pick from that will meet your needs.
Sounds like a 2 shoulder carrier might work best for you to distribute the weight better so it will be more comfy. I'd sugest a mei tai like or They have lots of pics on their sites too so you can see how they work.
With my 16 mos old now...I often put him in the carrier right out of the carseat-it only takes about 2min once you get used to it.
If he starts to get really wild after a while then he might sit in the grocery cart for awhile and I just keep my carrier on (who cares what it looks like
For trips when I need more storage I have a large tote that I carry for library books or whatever. Otherwise I found a great Overland bag that is small but perfect for a dipe, wipes, cup, and my purse items. I LOVE it since it has an adjustable strap I can wear messenger style or just on the shoulder.
If we were going to the zoo or something I usually do take our umbrella stroller mainly for my 4 yr old. There have been times that DH just wore a backpack with our snacks, dipes, etc and this worked great.

It's kind of liberating to go places w/ 3 kids and NOT have a stroller

But babycarriers are not an all or nothing thing-you can use them when it works for you! I can't see hiking without my mei tai but the stroller is appealing at other times...

also-always have them in the car so they're handy and you'll be more likely to use them
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Also, there's no reason you can't wear your baby and push an empty stroller for stuff. The baby is lighter than my "purse" (backpack) right now. Heck, sometimes I take a stroller with me when I have no kids! No one has ever noticed (or at least no one has commented.)
There are lots of different carriers that can help ease back-pain with older/heavier kids. Maybe if it was more comfy for you, you would enjoy it more. Baby Trekker might be something you want to look into...or Ergo?

jessica lee
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If it's cold I put the carrier/sling on, grab baby from the carseat and then put the baby in the carrier/sling once I get inside the building. I usually shop places that have shopping carts so I put my bag in there. Otherwise I find a hand held bag (as opposed to a shoulder bag or backpack) easiest for longer trips. I have a pocket, though, on my sling to put a few diapers/wipes or my keys or whatever in.
Thanks mamas!

I'm getting encouraged here, and I do think I need to look more into getting another carrier.
I've been looking at mei tais for a while, and just started thinking about an Ergo.
I do think comfort is a big factor, but I still can't get over the standing outside the car trying to get the thing on over my coat and get him in it when it is 20 degrees with a 10 degree wind chill blowing! Thankfully it is getting warmer now and that should help too.

I also think I might look into getting a smaller diaper bag that is a mommy bag too. Right now we have a big ol' backpack one and I feel like I have to take it everywhere because I don't like to be unprepared in case we need something from it.
Hi Tish, if you're attracted to the Ergo, have you considered something like this?

And just think, even if you're a bit cold for a few moments getting it all situated, in the end, you guys will be warmer b/c you'll be right up against each other!

Oh, and if you're going inside, you don't want to put the carrier on OVER your coat. So just put it on your body, if possible (I don't use Ergos, but use soft things like Moby Wraps, hotslings, mammasmilk slings, and mei tais), before you leave the house. When you get to your destination, run around with coat open, pull him out, pop him in, close your coat as best you can, and go!

And if you have persistent back pain, get that checked out and taken care of!
I love my Ergo. And while using it in the winter is a bit of a pain with all the extra clothing me and DS wear, it certainly doesn't interfere with the comfort and ability to carry him. I just have to make a few extra tucks and tugs to make sure his coat isn't bunching up, etc.

I have 2 kids, and a double stroller, but most times I carry DS in the Ergo and use his seat for my groceries. If I had just one kid, I'd use one of those "stroller baskets" that old ladies use - I live in an urban neighbourhood and everybody here has them since we don't need to drive to the grocery stores. Or I might even just take a single stroller and wear my baby.

Even if I take the car somewhere, I bring my Ergo. First, it's a great place for him to nap (he can't nap in a shopping cart seat). Second, if he gets fussy during the shop he may be happier on my back then in the cart seat. Also, since he's still in toddler mode it's often easier to Ergo him from the car to our destination (parking a block or two away) rather than having him walk and wander off in all directions, lol.

I do go for long walks with DS and, like any form of exercise, it's about building up strength. I can carry my 32 lb son for hours in the Ergo with no difficulties, but I do walk every day, and have used the Ergo since he was 10 months old and about 25 lbs so I've built up the muscles. If you take the time to wear your baby for short times at first and slowly increase you'll soon be taking 3 hour hikes with no difficulties.

I can't say enough great things about my Ergo. I honestly couldn't live without it. And for older babes who can ride on the back, it's absolutely the best!
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I usually wear my dd everywhere we go, when I'm shopping that is. I either use the cart to hold my stuff. Or I take the stroller and put all out shopping bags, diaper bag, etc. in it. I always keep at least one of each carrier in my car so that I will have access to whichever one fits the situation.
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Molly -
Hmm. Those are pricey! for one, but also, I don't think I'd be inclined to wear one. Looks like so much bulk.
But for some reason, I hadn't thought of wearing the carrier under my coat! Thanks for that suggestion. Do you do that with your slings and have it work ok?
No persistent back pain - my shoulders just get tired after carrying him very far in the Maya.

Piglet -
Thanks for the input on the Ergo. I like the look of the NG ones.

So I think I've got it narrowed down.
Mei Tai (Probably a Kozy)

I'm leaning toward an Ergo because I don't want to have to tie straps, but OTOH it's pretty pricey so I'm still not sure.
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I do it often, have my coat over both of us. But I live in western WA, and it doesn't get TOO cold here, and an unzipped coat isn't the end of the world. I can't remember where you live....

The price of Ergos has scared me off, too. But people seem to think they're worth it!
depending on how long a walk it is from the car to the store i am visiting, i have carried a small blanket in the car to wrap around my son and then put him in the carrier when i get inside.

i love my ergo, and it is expensive but imo worth it!
Molly -
Not sure if any of those are ring slings, but I think you think that would work with a ring sling? Seems like I wouldn't have the positioning quite right, which can make a big diff for me.

We live in brrrsie cold Michigan, along the lake so nice lake effect wind and snow here a lot. But it's getting warmer now and we haven't had snow since last weekend!
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