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Hi! I'm going to be new to cloth diapering this summer and have been trying to figure out what to get. I've pretty much decided to go with GMD prefolds, kissaluvs, and covers as the backbone of my NB stash. I also want to get some other types to try out (since we're not doing a regular registry, I decided to do a CD registry on Abby's Lane, so what they have on their site influenced some of the choices). I like the idea of only cotton next to the baby's bum but figure I'll get some of the popular one size/AIO to test.

Here's what I'm thinking, any suggestions?

2 dozen GMD newborn prefolds
1 dozen yellow GMD prefolds
1 dozen kissaluvs

2 NB Proraps
2 XS Thirsties
1 NB Bummis SWW (or should I do a super bright instead?)
1 Small Bummis SWW
1 Small Swaddlebees wool cover
1 Small Stacinator Wool Cover
1 Med Disana Wool cover
1 Wool sack/sleeper (still get for a June baby?)

(the wool covers are influenced by what's avail on abby's lane for the registry, if no one buys them I'll probably get Disana and Aristocrats)

One size:
2 BumGenius 3.0
1 Blueberry one size
1 Happy Heiny one size

1 Small Fuzzibuns pocket

AIOs: (already have these as hand me downs)
1 small bumkins AIO
1 small little beetle AIO

I'm open to any suggestions, I'm pretty much winging it here - although cloth doesn't seem nearly as intimidating as it did a month ago!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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This looks like an ideal starter stash to me. I started with only prefolds and BSWW. Then when baby needed the next size up I started experimenting with different pockets and fitteds and aios. This way you'll get a chance to try some out before you have to buy for the next size.

As for wool, I have one wool cover and I like it, but i'm not sure you need to spend the money on 3 wool covers for that small stage. I personally found prefolds to leak poop on the covers too much to want to wash poop out of wool.

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I would suggest 1 dozen newborn prefolds and 2 dozen yellow ones. My little guy only used the nb prefolds for a week or two. You should be able to get by in the first few weeks with a dozen of those and your dozen kissaluvs. You'll get way more use out of the yellow infants.

FWIW- The Bummi's SWW are kind of stiff and they don't have gussets. Gussets are essential for a good fit, IMO Go with the Super Brite or Thirsties.

My fave covers are ProRaps. Simple, cheap, and they fit nice and trim.

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Originally Posted by lotus.blossom View Post
I would suggest 1 dozen newborn prefolds and 2 dozen yellow ones. My little guy only used the nb prefolds for a week or two. You'll get way more use out of the yellow infants.

Yeah That!


Nikky's Covers are my favorite. Worth every penny for the markup in performance.

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I started out with a dozen orange edge newborn (GMD) and a dozen green edge infant (Nikkis, since I wanted thinner ones given that we EC) not knowing which size would work best, and figuring I could order another dozen of whichever I liked. He was 6 pounds 9 ounces and quite slim, so I bought more orange edge. 36 prefolds turns out to be a LOT since I quite like the fitteds! (I have Kissaluvs and Swaddlebees newborn organic velour). Also, I don't like to wash the diapers less than every 2-3 days because they start to smell mildewy.

At 10 and a half weeks we are still in the orange edge, and only use the infant size when we're WAY behind on the laundry
. We have to fold down the top of the infant sized ones when we use them because the rise is too high otherwise. So, you might consider getting a dozen newborn, and then just order the infant size if it seems like your baby's going to outgrow the orange edge fast, otherwise get another dozen orange edge.

I know proraps are quite popular here, and I included one in my newborn stash, along with a Swaddlebees wool wrap, a Loveybums wool wrap (the organic jersey one), a Swaddlebees fleece wrap, and a Swaddlebees regular ABC (more of a waterproof type material). As it turns out I ALWAYS reach for the wool or the fleece since I have it. When they're all in the laundry or soiled, I reach for the Swaddlebees ABC. I think I've used the Prorap only once. I'm sure it's well made with a good fit, but it just doesn't feel as good to me and so I don't tend to use it. Just a thought.... if money isn't a big concern, you might consider skipping it.

On the other hand, as someone said, it might make sense to spend your money on the next size up rather than the newborn size since so many babies grow out of the newborn size so fast. My little guy doesn't seem anywhere near growing out of any of our newborn stuff!! Except for the newborn fleece wrap from Swaddlebees- the wool still fits just fine. It's true that I have some stains on the inside of the wool covers, and that's a shame.

Good luck!

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Looks good
However, I would probably buy a more bare bones NB stash until you figure out what works for your LO/what size he needs. My DS outgrew the NB stuff in less then a month, plus I would rather dipes be a little bulkier for a few weeks then spend money on stuff they will barely use.
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