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so, here are some things staring at me all the time. does anyone have a good vegetarian recipe or suggestion as to what i can do with them? every once in a while i like to eat everything up and start from scratch in the fridge/cupboards, and these things won't go away, and i've run out of ideas for them:<br><br>
guava paste (what the heck?)<br>
wheat germ (tired of sprinkling it on cereal)<br>
2 frozen bananas<br>
bbq sauce<br>
canned red peppers (never tried them before....similar to the yuckiness of other canned veggies?)<br>
pigeon peas<br>
chana dal<br>
nori (anything other than sushi?)<br>
oat o's (i'm on a granola for breakfast bender)<br><br>

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wheat germ: add it into whatever you are baking/cooking with flour, for extra nutrition (pancakes, cakes, cookies, etc.)<br><br>
flaxseeds: granola, sprinkle on cereal, throw in smoothies, bread, do the blender thing and use as an egg replacement.<br><br>
bananas: bread (you only need 3), add to pancakes, smoothies.<br><br>
BBQ sauce: fry some tofu, put in a casserole dish with lots of BBQ sauce and bake at 350 for 1/2-hour.<br><br>
red peppers: stir fry<br><br>
nori: toast for a few seconds over gas stove and snack away. Kids LOVE this as it's eating something with the texture of paper. cool melting in their mouth.<br><br>
O's: trail mix
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