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My DS, who will be 1 year old in less than a week, is in the process of teething. I can tell that much for sure, the gums are definitely showing it. This will be his first set of teeth.

For the last ... 3? days ... he's been extra crabby and wanting to nurse, understandably. But he's also felt very feverish at night. During the day his head and hands might feel warmer than normal, but not too much. But during the night it has been his entire body, and pretty warm. And a couple nights in a row, he was so restless and unable to sleep/stay asleep. All things I might normally connect to teething. But there's one more thing that just has me
..... He keeps throwing up. It's been 4 times... Every time, it's been after he's been nursing quite a bit. The first two times, it was late at night and we were laying down to nurse. The third and fourth times were evening or afternoon, him laying down to nurse on my boppy pillow. And the throw up smells like throw up, not like breastmilk that just came back up. You know, it has that kind of bile smell to it.

So anyway, I'm trying to decide if he's sick in addition to teething. Or if he's just nursing for comfort so much that his tummy can't hold it all. He seems to feel 100% fine and chipper right after he throws up. For about 10 minutes, anyway! Then we're back to nursing some more!

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