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Help me decide!

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Because apparently, I can't make even the simplest of decisions

What size maps should I buy? We have room for the 3x4 foot one, but that's awfully big. The 17.5in x 25.5 inch seems so small, though, and not as easy to read/refer to. WWYD?,24&pid=1989
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3x4 foot isn't that big; if you have the space that's the one I'd choose.
We have huge ones, and I love them. You can see every little detail. We have a US map and a world map on our playroom wall. They're so helpful for me too, because I'm a geography dolt (switched schools and missed the big lessons).
We love maps! We have a huge world map - 6 x 4, maybe - from 1964 up in our living room, and it's very cool to see how things have changed. Our shower curtain is a more recent world map. We had some National Geographic ones around, but they weren't laminated and most eventually fell apart - there was stuff on both sides, so we kept unpinning them. I think Rain still has a map of Europe in her room, though...

Three by four isn't big at all, really. I'd go with that to start. Maps are usually very decorative!

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