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I'm thinking of working part-time next year (as a teacher, a condensed job-share of what I'm doing now). I'm in the position to at least make suggestions about my own schedule, because I'm really needed at my job. I would prefer to avoid pumping altogether (my reasons: not even risk nipple confusion, having to buy multiple kinds of bottles trying to find one baby likes, avoid the hassle of washing bottles, probably try to just get by with a good manual pump instead of double electric etc.), but I wouldn't be opposed to a few feedings of pumped milk a week if it was necessary (if it was, I would buy a double electric pump).

Here's the facts:
  • I have a 10-min. drive to work. I should get there at least 10-15 min. early to set up my classroom, check my mailbox, make any last-minute photocopies.
  • baby will probably be at home with DH (he works from home) unless that doesn't end up working well, plan B is at friend's house nearer to work than home.
  • baby will be about 2 months old when I return to work
  • I will probably be working 3 mornings/days a week

I think my ideal schedule is as follows (might not be quite enough to fit in all needed classes, though):

10:30-12:30, 3 days a week: teach, no breaks whatsoever
one day a week: come back after an hour lunch (go home or to babysitters and nurse the baby) and do another ~2 chunk of teaching and prep work. If I needed other prep work at school time (organizing filing, etc.), I could probably do it an afternoon or Saturday and take the baby along.

Here's what I need to know ASAP (potential schedules are being worked on soon, so I need to get info, talk over with DH, and give suggestions to principal):
  • can a 2-month old be left at home with dad while I teach for 2 hrs. (so, 2 1/2+ hrs. away from home) with no bottle or pumping needed? (Well, I might have a little in the fridge/freezer for just in case). Can I go that long without pumping? It seems a bit iffy to me, on the baby's end (nurse around 9:45 and then again at 12:45???). Would that stretch of time be easier as the baby got older? Is this too much of a stretch, and it would be better just to do more hours at once and pump?
  • for scenarios that involve stretches longer than 2 hrs., how long of a pumping break do I need to ask for? I was thinking maybe 30 min. to be on the safe side- in case I'm a slow pumper, need to have a snack myself, or in case I get sidetracked by someone (teacher, student, parent) on my way to pumping.
  • any other advice, things I'm forgetting?
  • any ideas of how to word my request to a very accommodating/generous, but also male "man-of-few-words" "minds-his-own-business" type principal? I'm thinking of e-mailing him my basic requirements (30 min. break in the middle of every 4 hr chunk), as well as some sample schedules that he could work from, given the schedules of the other things going on at school (choir, P.E., etc.)
I keep wavering back and forth whether I want to go back at all, but that is another issue.
Thanks in advance for your help on the technical details. I'm kind of ignorant about this all since I didn't even know until recently that I would have a part-time option, now I'm kind of up in the air deciding how to deal with it.

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2 hours without pumping should be totally fine.

i would definitely ask for 30 minutes for pumping. 45 minutes would be better. the set-up and clean-up are considerable!

definitely get yourself a pumping bustier and check out working mother, nursing mother (by kathleen huggins??).
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