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Help me figure out these snaps on Wonderoos!

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I bought a wonderoo to try out on dd, who wont stay still long enough for me to work out how to snap it. I've spent ages with it trying to see how to make it fit a newborn, and am baffled. Explanations on sites baffle me more.

Maybe I'm wonderoo-challenged, but can anyone enlighten me? With the sale going on now, I really want to try this out on dd and order some for the new babe if they work.

But first, I need to actually get one on her!
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I don't have any Wonderoos, but from what I've seen I think that the top half snaps down sort of accordian style, making the rise shorter. Is this what you meant?
I couldn't figure it out for a while, and I'm not sure I do it correctly, but it works! I take the sides and snap them to the top line to fit around the waist. Then, for my youngest, there's too much extra in the crotch area, so I snap the two on the leg to shorten. For me, I pull the second snap down to connect with the one directly below the waist snaps. Good luck! I'm getting ready to hit that sale tomorrow morning!
You should see a line of 3 snaps down the "sides" of both sides of the diapers.
1 male and 2 female snaps (male = prong, female = socket)
Snap the male snap into the furthest away female snap.
That will shorten the rise of the diaper by about 2-3 inches.

Then put on baby, and take the rt wing (your right, the one with the extra female sockets on it) and pull across the baby's waist until tight. Snap in place along the waist-snaps.
Repeat with left side, using the "crossover" snaps if needed.

Let me know if that is unclear...and I can do a picture for you!!

My son was roughly 10lbs when I used a wonderoo on him first (like 2 weeks old) and I didn't need the crossover snaps at all, but i'd imagine a smaller baby would need them.

If the legs gape too much and you are having trouble with leakage, check your stuffing. Sometimes you need more stuffing to kinda pad-out the diaper if the rise isn't snug enough.

hope that helps some!
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i'd love it if someone could do a pictorial w/ the wonderoos, i've got some coming that i'm sure i'll need help with!
I just did a boatload of pics for a how-to.
Give me a few to upload them and add a editorial and i'll post it in a few...
The Wonderoos site has a few diagrams showing different snap adjustments:
I just posted a thread on how-to for wonderoos (Seperate since I thought the link would be hard to find for someone searching)

Go check it out and let me know if it makes more sense!!
I still haven't figured mine out!! I'll have to go check out the website and the other thread!!
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