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Help me figure out what washing machine to buy...

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Yup, the trusty 12-year old Whirlpool died on me today.
We've got to replace it ASAP.

We are going to get a top-loader, and we're not going to spend over $500. We are moving out of this house in the next few months and most likely not taking the washer with us.

The repairman (impartial) recommended another Whirlpool, and after doing some reading online (epinions, consumer reports, etc.) I'm inclined to agree. But I'm taking suggestions,

Anyone care to give advice? BTDT? STAY AWAY FROMS? Etc.

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For that kind of money and time frame, I'd go down to the local used-appliance place and pick up something for no more than $200, probably closer to $100. No sense investing a bunch of money right now.

Now when you're ready to get yourself a nice, shiny new toy, I just ordered a Kenmore 4T front-loader that I'm crazy about. It's being delivered Thursday.
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I am in a similar place. I was tokd go with whirlpool or Kenmore(made by whirlpool)
My fave consumer reviews website recommends this washer.
Good Luck!
Interesting, so what's your fave consumer reviews website?
I just bought a new dryer for our rent house, it is an estate brand, made by whirlpool. I think the washer was 325 or 350? The dryer was the cheapest one I could find, $310 delivered and set up, tax and all. We went the used route first, but the used one we got only lasted about 2 monnths, so it was a waste of money
I hope this one lasts for a long time without any problems! Since you don't plan to keep it, I would go w/ the cheapest, but still new or like new (maybe 3 years old). When I got a new washer/dryer for our house (ours went out right before DD#1 was born) I got KitchenAid brand, and I really like them. I went for the top loader, too.
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I'd really re-think the top loader thing. Consider a front-loader! It's much easier on your clothes, so you save money in the long-run by not having to buy new clothes as often.
Well we ended up with a low-level (i.e. not top end) Whirlpool top loader, almost exactly what we had before.

I might have considered investing in a front loader but we're going to be moving out of this house in a few months and not taking the machines with us (standard here to leave them; also we are going to move to a smaller apt. for a while until we figure out where we want to ultimately be and recoup with finances -- our mortgage is killing us).

Thanks everyone!

Originally Posted by My3Kids'Mama
Interesting, so what's your fave consumer reviews website?
Sorry, haven't checked this thread until's consumer search.

From the Wall Street Journal, Article by Andrea Petersen: ConsumerSearch pulls together product reviews from a bunch of different sources (mostly magazines and Web sites) to create a kind of uber-review. It also rates the individual product reviews - from one box (worthless) to five boxes (great). Feeling a bit sedentary, I checked out the reviews for home treadmills. The site's "Fast Answers" listed ConsumerSearch's top picks based on the reviews it analyzed - three treadmills costing from $650 to $3,200. The 'Full Story' section gives additional insights about the different reviewers' methodologies - ConsumerSearch says that review magazine Consumer Reports tested the treadmills with a machine ('... a mechanical doohickey that simulated a year's worth of use,' the site says), while Runner's World tested them with actual runners."

I love this webiste! Use it before I make any purchase...
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I ended up with a Whirlpool top-loader, LSQ9030 I think. Very simple, under $350 including delivery (I installed it myself).

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