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Help me find a newborn diaper package, please!

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Okay, so I have 7 weeks to go, give or take and instead of say taking care of this earlier, here I am at the last minute needing recommendations for newborn diaper packages. I am looking for something not too expensive, that could ship fairly soon and I am willing to take whatever help and suggestions can be offered!
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What kind of diapers do you want? Natural Babies has prefold, FB, and Kissaluv packages. I've seen a few NB WAHM packages of just the diapers but can't remember where. I'll look for you.
I am in the same boat - 7 weeks to go, and I just ordered my first package of diapers from I liked that site because they have a great chart showing you what you might need during your child's diapering lifetime. They also explain in detail how to go about washing you diapers and setting up the whole system. They didn't offer a newborn package, but the chart basically helps you decide what you might need at the very beginning. Also, they suggested using disposables for the first few days until all the meconium is gone because it is really hard to get out of cloth. I thought that was a good tip. Anyway, let me know if you find something you like better. I'm still searching for that perfect site that offers everything under the sun at a decent price.
Personally I am planning to use a combination of fitteds and prefolds. I just got some newborn Nanipoos and they are just so sweet and tiny (DH said they would fit for 2 days LOL since DS was nearly 10 pounds). They are really cute though and the price is great!

I think Natural Babies has great a great selection of diaper packages. All different kinds. She ships super fast and has fantastic customer service!
If you are considering kissaluvs at all check out They are $7.50 each when you buy 6 or more. I got 12 preemie prefolds for 8 something, and she shipped it the very same day! It's a sale though so if you are interested I think it ends sunday. Everythings 20% off.

That's all my ideas though
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