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Help me find a nighttime fitted!

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Okay, so I'm getting a little frustrated here...I keep trying to find something in stock, and am having NO LUCK.

I currently have a Precious Coverings nighttime dipe and a VB Simply nights. I really like both of them, but, of course, can't find any more, and I would prefer not to wait for custom order.

Firefly sleeptights are out of stock in large. Searched hyenacart, didn't find anything.

What nighttime fitted works well and isn't so hard to come by in a size large?
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We use dream-eze from

If you get those DEFINITELY size up. My DS is just now outgrowing mediums in most diapers & he can wear an XL dream-eze on the tightest snap-setting.
We use eezi-fold every baby size at night and they work quite well. They are available at www. You do have to preorder but it does not take too long. The new style is turned and topstitched and fasten with a snappi.
If you don't mind used, I've got a large Precious Coverings nighttime fitted I was planning to list on the tp eventually.
I am really new to night time fitted diapering - last night was the first time in DD's 22 months that she slept in a fitted and wool. I am really interested in what other people think on this issue. Last night DD wore our one and only SOS (all OV with a fleece topped doubler). It was FANTASTIC! Of course, I am now having the same problem as you - I can't find more so I can switch over. My big issue is that I really don't want the inside of the diaper to be all microfleece or microsuede - they cause redness where the elastic grips dd's thighs (probably a laundry issue). That's why the SOS was so great. Good luck finding something
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I heard good things about Rumpsters diapers, but I've never tried them... our night diapers are hard to get, but whenever I've fallen behind on diaper laundry, I've just used a hemp Firefly diaper with a 2-layer Jamtots hemp insert and that's lasted all night
Any hemp prefold/flat would work... heck, even a few Joey Bunz tucked in between the diaper and cover has done the job
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What about a Lullaby Diapers Lullaby Dream pocket fitted? It looks so nice and absorbent and you can customize stuffing . . .
I just got a few Under the Nile fitteds and LOVE them for nighttime. They are in stock on lots of sites I've seen too
We also use Dream-EZE at night (and would also suggest sizing up!), and they have worked out the best for us. Still haven't found anything to hold in the flood that my kid produces at night, but this has worked the best!
Debra at does custom VBs and usually ships within a couple of days. I have never had an order (and I usually order 6-12 dipes at once) take more than 2 days. So, you can get your VB simply nights as fast as instock from her.
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