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Help me find a nursing bra, I am desperate

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I am cross posting this everywhere because I am so desperate to find a bra!! I need to find a nursing bra in size 32 H and I cannot find one anywhere. Actually I found one in Europe that I ordered but it has not gotten here yet and I am not sure if it will even fit. I can find 32 G, 34 H but not 32 H. Please help me find one! With a chest this size, it is so important that I wear a bra that fits properly but I have been wearing the wrong size for almost 3 months now since my twins were born. Does anyone sew that makes custom nursing bras? Help!
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How about bravado?

I love their bras but the smallest they have is a 34H...would that work at all? Their bras are kind of like sports bras so it may just be ok...
I definitely second Bravado. I know several mamas in that size range who find their nursing bra very comfortable and supportive. Good luck!
have you called the motherhood or mimi maternity store? the one i went to here in dallas, tx had some that went pretty big...i only got up to a d but i asked about the ones high on the wall and the lady said the biggest ones go up there since its rare to get that big. ...i guess she hadnt had babies yet...mine swelled up like gigantic beach balls...from a b to a d...but an h...i hope you find it! i had issues getting 1 that fit too...i think its important no matter what size!

GOOD LUCK!!! and CONGRATULATIONS on your twins
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Thanks for your responses. I have tried several Bravados and that is actually one of the bras I mentioned that I wear but doen't fit properly. It is important for the band to be the right size because that is where about 80% of your support should come from. If the band doesn't fit then the straps take the slack and it hurts my back. I just found 3 bras on so we'll see if they work. I have another bra from them but it is NOT comfortable. It has teeny tiny straps and all kinds of uncomfortable lace. I don't think a nursing mom designed it.
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There is the website where they make custom bras... Decent Exposures I think it is? Here's the link: I haven't used them myself (happy Bravado user, but I'm small chested) but I've heard a lot of raves about them.

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yep, decent exposures definitely makes any size you need.
Ha! And I thought my 34DD was hard to find. I found a wonderful company--they distribute catalogues, sell online (I found them while searching through Amazon) called Lady Grace...chest sizes 32-58, cup sizes AA-L. Fast shipping, easy return policy, good quality bras.

Good luck,
Tresa, mommy to Logan, 5.5mos
THANK YOU, Michelle for Decent Exposures link! That is just the type of thing I was looking for.
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Glad to help, I've heard so many raves so they must be good!
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love love love my decent exposures! I am a 42E. i don't buy the nursing the one's though, just the regular. they are easy enough to lift up to nurse. i highly reccomend them! just remember if the first one you order doesn't fit, they can customize it for you, straps shorter, armholes lager or smaller. after ordering one 3 years ago, i figured out just how i like htme, and now i just order them that way when i need a new one!
Hi -

I am a whopping 36K, so understand the small band, large cup problem! I haven't yet found a decent solution. My milk for #2 just came in and I'm sure up over 36K now. I usually wear (while nursing a 3 year old and being pregnant) the Goddess 511, which I notice does come in 32H. It's a very nice bra - I wish it came bigger.

I am not a fan of Decent Exposure - it was comfortable and they are incredibly flexible about returning and getting it to fit you right, but I felt too saggy in them.

Another website to check out is They have a good selection and are quite decent to deal with.

If anyone knows of another custom bra manufacturer - one who might make more traditional bras than decent exposure - I'd love to hear about it.

The link to the Mava bra doesn't work for me - is it still offered by them? NCT does seem to have a couple of options I might order - thanks for mentioning it.
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Another vote for decent exposures!!!!! I love mine!!!
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