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I have a lot of old pictures, along with pictures from our kids, that I need to go through and organize. I think I want to scan them in and make photo books (i.e. snapfish, mypublisher, etc.) that I can have on the bookshelves and that are in an easy format for us to actually pull out and look at. So, please help me get rid of them.

Toss out....fuzzy, duplicates, etc. Scan in photos...then what? Do I just toss them? Is having one copy in a nice photobook going to be enough - at least for older pictures from say my childhood and before (all those relatives?)?

Any tips, hints, etc. would be really appreciated. I'm not a scrapbooker. I hate just having pictures in those photo albums with sleeves or sticky backs. I want something that looks really nice, so I think the photobooks are by best option.

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