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I have a relative who has very little money and no health insurance. He has been diagnosed with all of the below. He and I both think that with all of the symptoms and illnesses he has been turning up with, it must be related. Please help us brain storm and narrow down possibilities to look into.

Severe Brainfog (Currently dxed with ADHD)
Severe Insomnia
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Cysts in ears? (I don't have a lot of detail on this one)

He avoids Dairy most of the time due to a self dxed intolerance related to IBS
He only eats highly processed foods (maybe they have dairy and he doesn't realize it?)
Before using his ADHD medicine he's always been a little over weight.

He does not have diabetes.
His T3's and T4's were above optimal when tested.
Since the Thyroid is fine the doctor decided not to test for vitamin deficiences?

We have a large variety of autoimmune diseases on both sides of the family.
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