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Help me help a friend, VBA2C, good non pushy articles!

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I have a friend who is pregnant with #3
With #1 she had a c-section, her story seems weird to me. She's told me she wasn't all the way dialated but also pushed for ages?!?!?
With #2 I tried to convince her to have a VBAC but her mother told her it wasn't 'nesessary to experience childbirth

Anyway she is now pregnant with #3 (12 weeks?) and her OB schedualed a c-section. She didn't even give her an option for a VBAC (suprise suprise)
What can I tell her to get her to try? Or even better a home birth with my midwife!!!

Any good articles?!
I've had a VBAC but for some reason thats not convincing her.
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to be honest, it doesn't sound like she's really open to hearing about other ideas... do you have an ICAN chapter near you that you could take her to a meeting? she might get some new ideas about VBACing, but really, i would present it to her as the opportunity to hear other women educated about cesareans. she has already had two, i don't know what her recovery was like with either, but recovering from a third while parenting her two other children is bound to be something she will have to prepare well for. that might get her interested in coming to an ICAN meeting...

to you, mama, for caring about her so much, but i've learned that i can only educate those who are open to learning...

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