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Help me help my DS---WWYD?

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Ok, here is the rundown.

DS is 8yo and had Chicken pox two weeks ago. We finally recovered from that and the last Friday he came home from school feeling "pukey". Indeed, he proceeded to puke all that night from 11:00pm until 5:00am. He was also in extreme pain in his belly. The next morning he seemed better - no puke, just tired. Slept Saturday from 4:00pm until 7:00am Sunday morning and only ate a small bowl of cereal te whole day. Felt well enough to go to his Dad's sunday but Dad said he hardly ate anything and was really sedate and mellow.

So, he went to school this morning and by (9:30 was in the office and called me wanting to come home. I picked him up and he does look like a sad,sick boy. He has no fever, no desire to eat, belly pain, feels like he's going to puke. He crawled in bed and has been listening to his books on tape since he got home. He says nothing else (emotionally) is bothering him, he is just tired of not feeling well.

I've got an appt. to see his Dr tommorrow morning, just in case things get worse or at least, not better.

My question is: Is his system just shot and tired? Do I assume he needs more recovery time and rest? Could there be anything I am missing? A friend mentioned appendicitis - and now that is swirling in my head.

Any imput, advice would be apprecitiated! I just don't know what to do or think anymore.

***Please send me good vibes as I am also PMSing with my 3yodd who has chicken pox and my 1yo who is getting teeth and is very cranky. Oh, and it's supposed to start raining again! *****
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I think his immune system is just compromised from being sick- he caught the "pukey thing" at school because he wasn't fully recovered from chicken pox.

If it were my child, I'd give him extra vitamin C, offer him lots of fluids, and let him rest as much as he wanted to.
As the day has worn on, he does seem better.

I am going to keep him home to rest tommorrow.

Poor kid
Poor little dude! There has been a stomach virus going around and around and around - miserable. DS and I both had it and it was very weird. One day DS (age 17 mos) slept for TWENTY HOURS. It was about 5 days till we were back to normal. Sounds like you deserve a break - and SOON!
Poor guy! What a time, chicken pox and pukey and still feeling yucky! Good hydration and a good homeopath is what I would do. Do you know of a homeopath in your area?
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