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Help me help my vegitarian friend, please!

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She has been veg for about a year now and I keep telling her she needs to research to find out what her meals should have in them to make sure her nutrition supports her system. For her it is more about animals than a health issue. Every time she has been over here I try to make a diverse meal with plenty of greens, beans, etc. Because I'm pretty sure she doesn't eat any beans for one thing, which I thought was important in a veg diet? right? Sorry I really don't know much that's why I'm asking.

She was doing really well the first 6 months or so, but she is steadily becoming more and more lethargic and now for the last 1-2 months she has become more absent minded. She is having trouble focusing. She doesn't take supplements she is short on cash so she is paying more attention to what is cheap instead of what is healthy. What I need - Please websites, books, things that could spell out for her what she needs to get every week to stay healthy. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

She even asked me a couple months ago what I would think of her if she stopped being veg (I told her I didn't care and why would it matter if I did) but I think the main reason is her cash flow, the only thing she knows to eat is the processed veg stuff in the freezer section.
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Thats a major cash issue...the frozen food section for vegetarian or meat eater is WAY expensive and horrid quality food

beans, rice ect are super healthy and super cheap!

vegweb is a good tons of options to cook beans different ways.

Fresh frm the slow cooker is a good book,if shes got a slow cooker and no time to prepare meals
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