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I'm xposting this in Child led weaning

Ok, I'm having a few nursing issues, my child will be 2 tomorrow (well, actually today, it's 1 am...) and I am(was) really extrememly committed to child led weaning.

But I'm starting to get sooooo irritated at him that I just want to pull my hairs out.

First of all, I can't stand the way he sounds when he's swallowing anymore. Especially when he's lolly-gagging around. It's a little shallow thing, and he swallows, and I can hear that, as best as I can describe it, he swallows teeny tiny little pockets of air along with the milk. It's so annoying. I've taking to putting music on when he's nursing so I won't have to hear him swallowing.

I'm sorry, I have sound sensory issues (along with a few other disorders), any kind of mouth noises that sound nasty drive me up the WALL. What's odd is when he is really seriously and intensely nursing, I don't hear it at all. When he was younger I didn't hear it. Why do I hear this now? Sometimes when I hear it, he's just lollygagging, and I pull him off, and he start singing and playing, or he gets straight down and does something else.

The other thing is that he does it when he's going to sleep. He can't go to sleep without nursing (accept for every blue moon on daddy) and he does that little disgusting sounding swallowing thing, and on top of that, he pinches me with his teeth. If I try to take the breast away from him he gets mad, and fusses, and roots for it back (while asleep) and he latches back on, does the little nasty sounding swallowing thing, and dozes, and then slips off the breast again and pinches me with his teeth. He doesn't do it on purpose, I know, he's sleeping, but if I try to put him down he gets really mad, roots, and the whole thing starts over again.

The OTHER thing is this:
When my period comes on, or is about to come on, for some reason, he wakes up in the middle of the night after trying to nurse, screaming and bawling. It always happens one or 2 nights when I'm having pms, or my cycle is on.

I've resolved that it has to be one of the following things.
a) My hormones make my milk hurt his stomach.
b) My hormones make my milk taste funny or temporarily decreases my supply. My child has a horrible temper if something is not right in his sleep...if that makes any sense. If he wants the boob at night, and I don't give it, he screams (that's rare, i've never had a reason not to give it...) or if you have to prematurely wake him up for whatever reason, he cries the same way. He doesn't like for something to not be right while he's sleeping, if that makes any sense. It takes him a long time to get over it.
c) Some kind of bad dream? I"m not sure, because it only happens when I'm having my period or pms. It happened last night, and again today when he took a nap and woke up, and then later in the day, I started to feel crampy like it was getting to be time for my cycle to start.

I'm so confused.

I want to continue with this and stop when he's ready, but I'm starting to get stressed out. I didn't want to nightwean either, but now I'm starting to not know. But I really was trying to follow his lead.

Can someone please help me? I know it's long, but I just need some help.
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