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Hi! So I'm needing some help making a short list of questions for midwives that I'll be interviewing with. I'm going to go ahead and start before my husband gets back from military school, partly so I have something to do, and partly because I have no one to lean on in my early pregnancy. I'm 5 weeks along, and 22 years old.
So here are some ideas. What do you wish you had asked your midwives? Are there any midwives here with things they think are important to ask for in a midwife? I'm just having trouble coming up with anything, and I want to make my time talking with someone worth it.
My midwife will probably be working with an OB, but we'll do those interviews with my hubby, since he'll be getting poked and prodded for bloodwork too.

Let's say limit it to 10 questions, if you have that many suggestions.
But I need help so I have some clue when I sit down to talk with someone. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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